PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

You can get a package and then supplement, however, the packages and additional channels add up fast.


A tech is not necessary to add a 9865 (NB3), however, the charge can often be waived if you get the right CSR. That way the tech can check signal, make sure things are working, etc.  It may also depend if you purchase the 9865 or not. Be aware that Rogers will be switching to "Ignite TV" (IPTV) over the coming couple of years...


There is no such thing as a loyalty perk.  However, you can often negotiate a discount if you have several services with Rogers.  This depends on your negotiating skills:




Anyplace has lots of channels to stream, however, be aware that you cannot "cast" or connect to a TV. You can only watch Anyplace on the device in question - phone, tablet, etc.  Here are the Anyplace FAQs.

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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

@57 wrote:

 A tech is not necessary to add a 9865 (NB3), however, the charge can often be waived if you get the right CSR. That way the tech can check signal, make sure things are working, etc.  It may also depend if you purchase the 9865 or not. Be aware that Rogers will be switching to "Ignite TV" (IPTV) over the coming couple of years...

Thanks for the response. I take the variance in whether or not I can do a self install leans on me owning the equipment outright? Rogers renting something out = wanting to make sure it's done right vs. allowing the user to go crazy since they own the equipment.


I've got another question:


- Say a channel you're subscribed to adds an alternate feed (west coast, HD, 4K, etc.) or VOD service. Would you have to do anything extra to access that, or does Rogers just add it to the relevant subscribers automatically? I'm sure a lot of that would have to do with the channel operator, but I noticed while looking at the a la carte section of the Rogers website that there's no price differentiation between the SD version of a channel and the HD one, so I'd guess yes?


Be aware that Rogers will be switching to "Ignite TV" (IPTV) over the coming couple of years...

I'm aware that Rogers is slowly rolling out Ignite/X1. The problem with that is a lack of home internet at my parent's. Back when I lived there, we initially had Rogers cable internet, but later cut that to a Bell DSL reseller to save money. My parents aren't heavy internet users, so once the house emptied out they cut service all together and now just use their mobile data plan.


I can't imagine my parents are alone in not having a wired internet connection, especially among the older segment of the population, so you've got to think Rogers will keep the traditional service running for a while.

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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I too have enjoyed my VIP+ and Movies and Nature/Adventure,  package and now they will no longer allow promo's to be applied. The only reason I can determine from Roger's is, they don't make as much $ compared to Premier. So, they're forcing a package change or no promo.

I tried switching, and immediately found that many, 20+ of the networks that I was watching had disappeared. The cost to add the networks to Premier would cost significantly more than VIP+ and Movies without promo. It's all about making you buy more.

I insisted that they reinstate my package, VIP+  and Movies and Nature/Adventure, it was within 12 hours of the change. When I check out the TV I find channels missing. Followed up with another call to Rogers, they tell me the Nature Package I had is now considered extra.

Before change: it was included, total cost without HST or Credits: $144.70, let's add tax,  $158.99.

Reinstated they want me to pay more for VIP+ and Movies, and want to charge me $169.52 and it does not include the Nature package that was already included in the price.

They refuse to discus the facts on the bill and I had to insist on speaking with a manager. 20 minutes later I'm still on hold.

This is a big mess, Roger's agents don't get the math on the bill and keep referring to the new plan, I'm so tired of having to argue with Rogers

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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

Hello @meRB,


Welcome to the Community & thank you for your post 🙂.


I appreciate the time you took to describe your experience. While VIP + Movies was indeed a really good package, it has been grandfathered for some time now. Any available bundle offers we have would only be compatible with the in market TV packages. Additionally, the Nature and Adventure Theme Pack was always an add on, however it may have been included as part of the Specialty Pack included with your core cable package. I would have a more accurate response if I had access to your account.


I hope my colleague in the management team was able to resolve your billing and viewing concerns.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns. 






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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

Hi everyone.

My promos are ending soon, and I have the Digital VIP package.  Since a few of you have said, they will no longer offer promos on this package, I compared the VIP vs Premier.  As far as I can tell, excluding non-English channels, the difference between the two is 1) losing the Cdn timeshifting channels, which can be added for an extra $3/mo. 2) Leafs network, an extra $4/mo. or bonus channel. 3) A couple of US SD channels, which can be added back in with the Cdn timeshifting above channels, plus a bunch of extra US network timeshifting for $6/mo. 4) Silver Screen which can be added back as the bonus channel or $4/mo.


Did anybody out there lose any other channels by switching to Premier from VIP, in order to get a promo?


Paying 61.98 for VIP, vs regular price of 84.98 (excl taxes).  Premier would end up 99.99 + 3.00 (for Cdn timeshifting), before getting any promos. Don't really care about losing the US stations or Silver Screen.


What promos are generally available for Premier? 






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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

Hi SB28

What I've come to realize is that Rogers changes the names of different packages which also means some changes in channels.  Rogers, from my experience has just become more flexible with more promotions that are not necessarily published on their website. 

Every month there are different promos and from what several CSRs have told me is to call  every month, if you want to check it out.

You're not locked in in the way it used to be some years back. 

I don't watch that much TV nor have interest in more than a few different channels, but I can and often do call more often to find out what the promos for that month might be within my price range and interest.

A lot of people complain about poor communication between them and Rogers and I feel that Rogers has been finding better ways to improve that.

I like the idea of calling more often and if the customer is polite, friendly and willing to 'work' with the CSR, then it becomes easier for Rogers to accommodate you, of course within reason.

Recently I found an old VIP plastic card from Rogers and I don't even remember why Rogers was issuing them.

Now, the name of the package is away to identify the kind of programming one is interested in and I think that becomes a good starting point for negotiations.

I would have to look at my bill to tell you what the name of my package is. When I call Rogers to discuss what's new they will let me know what I have and then hopefully what I can have that might better suit me, even if they call the offer by a different name. 

Change is good and so is Rogers. I've lost channels which after a short while I don't even remember what they were. But I have also gained some new channels  that I may not have considered before.

Promos end and give way to new promos!

Don't rely on the website info only, call! If your CSR can't find you a promo that you like, just call back the next month. It also helps to let Rogers know what you do like to watch and what you want to spend rather than talking about what they don't offer anymore.

There are very few companies that impress me with efforts to keep on improving the customer experience and I have had amazing results from very good conversations with some delightful CSRs.


Rogers is a great company to be with. Bell on the other hand is pushy and fickle.



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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I noticed the difference between VIP and Premier to be essentially what you have mentioned. Premier lacks Leafs channel, Silver Screen and Canadian timeshifting channels.


VIP with tax will cost me $96 after my promo ends vs $116 for Premier with timeshifting added.  So I would need at least a $20 a month discount on Premier just to get to VIP’s regular price.  Not sure Rogers would offer more. But even if they did I would then be locked into Premier. That would mean I have to call in at their mercy for future discounts that may be declined. 


I am thinking to just stay on VIP at regular price saving $20 a month over Premier without the yearly dance of calling in for promos.  My Rogers MasterCard pays 1.75% rewards that usually covers a good portion of my current cable bill. 


I use an internet reseller for $35 a month (75/10 unlimited) that uses the same Rogers cable line. I only wish I could get a cable TV reseller that offers reasonable packages. The IPTV $15 a month services out there are just too unreliable. 

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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

@garythedukeI would most certainly recommend staying with VIP at $96/month. That's what I have and the new Rogers cable offerings are more money for fewer channels.  The only thing lacking in VIP is that it only includes Canadian timeshift channels. I don't know what the timeshift add-on for Premier includes.

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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

Hey Rogers....why can you not just publish the channel listing for each package so we can make informed decisions?


i have been with Rogers for 25 years and am beginning to feel like the cash cow .......... no discounts if you don't change plans but no way to see what the plans contain.


Very frustrating


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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

@Laurie8  Unfortunately, from past experience, this question has been asked a lot.


Rogers, once they provide new package models do not provide you with your past package details.


You can get them, just get on the phone or in a chat and ask them to go through the details of all channels you currently have and pricing and discounts, and then ask them to compare it to the new package - take your time, write it all down, make them repeat or slow down if necessary.


On new contracts now, fortunately, the CRTC TV broadcasting code has forced them to indicate your channels on your current contract when you change it and the package name and extras, plus discounts and credits, timelines and costs are on the bill in detail.


It is a lot of work on our part - some people may have their own versions they can send to you, but the packages are all over the map depending upon time negotiated, whether a CSR found a plan floating around, and if you didn't keep your bills, and update your channel list, you won't know what changed.


The other approach I began using, is I turn on my TV and make a spreadsheet and then read each channel to them and tell them what I have and one by one, they tell me what extra is in the new package and what is missing, and costs to keep it comparable, also considering any package discounts.


When getting a quote, the code now requires them to tell you exactly what is changing, what you are losing and the costs implications.  If they don't tell you you have grounds to cancel the new contract, but getting the old one back can be a challenge because it is gone for access by them in most cases, and the best you often can do is a credit to reflect price differences or credit on cost of getting a preferred channel you lost.  This can be discussed rhgough various contacts with rogers, but is certainly time consuming, confusing, high risk of errors of miscommunication, and plus you are in the middle of what is inherently a marketing and sales pitch to change, without a full considertation of your preffered packages and costs.  Try reducing services sometime and see how diffficult that can be.


So in summary, know what you have right now - I did one day, just turn on my TV with all channels showing, and listed off the channels I had and said, what is a comparable package now and cost - then I started working with how we could change things up to best meet my budget and desires.  In most cases, I have cut services, but got a more favourable mix of my preferred channels.


Good luck in reviewing your future media desires and prices you are willing to pay.


Take care, let us know how it goes, we all learn together here on the forum.