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PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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My family's used Roger's since early 1970's. I have had ongoing issues since 2013. (Mostly cable). I was getting Promos which was the only reason I stayed (although Bell wasn't improving - home phone.)

I have (had) VIP package with several theme packs but promos ran out last week.

I was "sold" the "Premier" which I was told had everything I had, but was cheaper. I compared yesterday and 300+ channels VS. 170+ channels; MOST of the ones I (and others) watch were excluded. I also was told that there could be NO PROMOS with the VIP anymore. Can they do that?

It's MUCH cheaper for Rogers, a bit for me, but since I and others here USE TV 24 hours a day, we wanted the extra channels but cannot afford the having no VIP promos.



Anyone have any advice? Try Bell?

Rogers used to be for the customer but within last year has become rude, to get techs is DAYS waiting, most are not good one destructive and incompetent. Anyone else notice this?

Overall service has been horrible for all 3 I have: home phone, internet and cable.




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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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Resident Expert

@YtanyaY : The grandfathered VIP packages were the best deals available and many of us negotiate to maintain them. They had the most channels for the lowest price.  The packages are discussed in the following thread:  Check out recent posts:  There are other similar threads discussing the various packages, doing comparisons, the difficulty in comparing, etc.


Now that you've switched, you probably won't be able to switch back.  Unfortunately, the time to research is before calling and/or switching.  Here's a thread on negotiating packages, etc:  My response was to people who were in a situation very similar to yours.



Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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Hi and thank you

I will read the links but I have NOT switched yet. Yesterday a manager told me they could not give me any discounts anymore. (There were no more promos that were "COMPATIBLE" with VIP.)

Without the promos it would be far too expensive.

I have to rush but will will read the links.


Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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Hi @YtanyaY As @57 already explained, the old VIP package was by far a better deal than any of the new packages currently offered.  I've had the base VIP since 2009 and was never enticed to switch.  Once it was discontinued there was no way switch back. Over the years I've tried to get a listing from Rogers of channels I receive, with no luck. I'll take your word for it that there are 300+ unique channels. Recently I compiled a spreadsheet of all the channels and duplicates I get with VIP, but I have yet to analyze how many unique ones there are.  Most certainly there are a lot more than I currently watch.  That is where perhaps one of the new packages may be better value, but I need to do my homework. My bill for VIP is now double from when I started, $96.03. When It breaks the $100 barrier I'll have to consider if one of the new packages plus extras would be cheaper, or whether I'll get rid of Cable altogether and go with the many other options.

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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I Plan to Stick Around

Have to jump in here as I had exactly the same issue, I think it is a scam.  My monthly TV bill has gone up by 30 dollars and... I still do not have all the channels I used to have.  Oh, and once they lure you into the "Premier" package deal there is no going back.  I am so glad we are not on Rogers with our mobile!!  I have actually spoken with Bell and they are very aggressively recruiting consumers such as us.  Be aware though that the pricing on Bell is much higher after 1 year and you have no loyalty.  I have been with Rogers since 1997 since I came to Canada.  Their internet speeds have been good, but the TV package is right now being exposed and destroyed.  Premier, my bum that is what I say.  Maybe we need to stick our heads together and get some media on it, I am certain CTV, a Bell Media company, would love to promote it....