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PLEASE help (urgent)

I've Been Around


First of all I am not from Canada. That is why my I am writing in the forum in order to get solution to my problem since no live chat support  available with the wireless phone department. So I hope you reply or they reply.


I bought a Samsung Captivate Glide i927 (Rogers), and it was locked. In my country, I went to a local phone shop and they unlocked the wireless phone. But after 1 month of normal using, the phone was locked again. So I went again and unlock the phone for the second time. Unfortunatly, after 1 month of using, the phone was locked again. Why? I don't know. 


It was after I was restarting the phone. The phone asked me to enter the PIN code as usual. I entered the PIN code that I usually enter which is 0000. The phone writes "code accepted"  then after 1 second the phone shows a black screen in which I read that the PIN code is incorrect and I have to contact the provider. I can use the phone applications, but I can't call or send a text message. I always receive "Not registered on the network". When I  write *#746562#, the phone give me a list of information in which I read "Network Lock [ON]".


How to unlock my phone Again? Where I have to get the unlocking code? Is it free? is it for 1 month or for ever? What is the problem in my wireless phone? How can Rogers help me? Can anyone from Rogers help me? Can anyone ask Rogers about this problem because I live outside Canada and I can't call? Is there a trusted website where I can buy the unlocking code forever?



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Re: PLEASE help (urgent)

I Plan to Stick Around

I can't really offer you help but I would take it to someone else to unlock it. See what they say. I suspect they'll have something negative to say about the first guy's unlock. Or maybe not. Good luck.

Re: PLEASE help (urgent)

I Plan to Stick Around
I highly doubt they unlocked your phone. Once you unlock it it stays unlocked. I think those guys only changed your IMEI number and your getting kicked each month after the network grace period kicks in. Go see another business or call the local provider and make them associate your imei to your account.

Re: PLEASE help (urgent)

I've Been Here Awhile

While Rogers does unlock phones, for a $50 fee, they only do so if the phone has finished it's contract with them or was purchased at full price out right from them. Many people root their phone and install a rom unlock , or pay an online provider for the unlock code for the IMEI which will permanently unlock the phone and doesn't require rooting the phone. It is also generally much cheaper at $10-$15 but you're taking a risk that you;ll end up paying for a dud code, The phone was also offered as an AT&T varient which might be able to offer you supprt for unlocking the device as well. It seems that it is a common problem for this phone to relock after resetting the device but the unlock code thatwas provcided originally, if it is a valid code, should work to unlock the phone once more. If you google the model with unlock it will bring up sites that offer unlock codes which are unique to your IMEI number, as well as the main sites that offer "alternative options" such as XDA, which I would suggest searching though the section for your phone. If your phone is not with Rogers they don't often offer support, and won't unlock it unless it is currently with Rogers on a plan that completed it's term, bot with another provider already. Hope some of that helps!

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