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I am planning a phone upgrade but I still have a year remaining in my contract. I was told before that

I can change phone every 2 years. I just wondering what deals could I get and if its possible that I will upgrade my phone without extending my contract. Like for example, I can play higher than the phones price (eg. Iphone 4 is $0 now, I could pay $100-200 without the 3 years contract) .


I will appreciate any replies.


Thank you



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Hello jox

In order to do a hardware upgrade, you will need to pay the early upgrade fee. This fee can be viewed by signing into My Rogers - Overview - Check Upgrade Eligibility. You can also call Rogers & speak to a Customer service rep & have them check the price & such. You will also have to pay the amount of the phone on a 3 year term & a $35 admin fee.

All this can be told by a Rogers rep at a store you go or over the phone.

Once you do a upgrade, you will have to sign a new 3 year term for it as well.
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Meowmix is correct.

At the time you got your phone.. the early upgrade timeframe, was 2 years, that you could do another upgrade, and start another contract.


Unfortunately, about 6+ month ago, the policy has changed.. and its now at 3 years 😞

This does suck.. as my sister in law was waiting on the 2 year point.. then got told she had time left to pay 😞  she didnt have a choice, her old phone died.

They did this change, as the new 3 year terms, are handled a little differently.
Compared, it was the 2 (now 3) year upgrade thing.. regardless of HOW many year of a contract you got, etc.. you had to pay the early upgrade fee to the 2/3 year point.  It was a set fee, regardless of phone, etc


With the new way.. say you get on a 3 year term.. and are saving $500 on the phone.  It then straight out takes the $500, deviding by the 36 months.  Each month of your contract, it takes that amount of of what you would owe.
Lesser savings, or a smaller year contract, would lessen the amount per month needed to be paid, etc.