Outlook 2013 and Rogers/Yahoo enail

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Outlook 2013 and Rogers/Yahoo enail

Hi Fellow Community Friends,


I recently added Outlook 2013 to my email and it works fine but I now have two email systems, Outlook and Rogers/Yahoo, to manage.  Is there some way that I can have all my emails go to Outlook only.  I'm aware of the server issues such as long term email accessibility with Yahoo so is there some way that I can simply hide the Rogers/Yahoo system so that I don't need to manage it on a daily basis?   Has anyone in the Community ever replaced Rogers/Yahoo with Outlook so that you would have only one single system, i.e,, the Outlook system and if so did this ever cause you any problems?


Looking forward to your replies,





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Re: Outlook 2013 and Rogers/Yahoo enail

I am confused.. you are currently using OUTLOOK to then view/read/etc your email, etc... you want to organise folders, etc.. and do so in outlook....

But if you look back at the rogers webmail... the email is still there, not organised, etc..

Is that what you are refering to?



Or.. are you refering.. that you are using an OUTLOOK email address.... (EG:  myname@outlook.com ) and you want to have all your rogers emails go to that one location then as well?


(i do have potential solutions for both.. just need some clarification as to what you are exactly trying to do).