Outgoing Call History Issue

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Outgoing Call History Issue

Here is the issue I run into.


I am currently using Chatr Mobile service. And I have been trying to save my outgoing call history record.


But Chatr is a paperless company that does not send monthly statement or call history details by paper.

And they do not have the call history downloadable on their website either.


What they have on their website is an option for you to search for call history (Including data usage) online. and it does not display the number you were calling to or the number calling you from. You have to go into details of each hisotry one by one to pop up a orange small window to display the information, and according to Chatr customer service, the only option you can do is to Screen Shot EACH orange window and print it for yourself.


Now this may vary from person to person, but for me it is over 1000 histories per month. And rather than screen shot 1000 small orange windows and print them, I have no other option to download it or even review it from one screen on their website.


Since Chatr is owned by Rogers, the Chatr customer suggest me to contact Rogers Legal Department to request for the call history, and it needs to be for legal reasons, so you have to have a Court Order or something.

If it is for personal purpose, they charge you for $100.00 + Tax each time they produce the record for you.

And it also takes 30 days to produce this record.


To me it does not make any sense if the company does not give you the option to download the history and save it by yourself then ask you to pay $100.00+Tax every time you want to save your call history.


I hope there is a better solution. It is much appreciated if anyone can give any advise.








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Re: Outgoing Call History Issue

Good evening @Harry4,


Thank you for posting your concern, and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I understand the importance of having access to your call history.

I would feel the same way if I were in your situation, and I wish there was an easier way for you to be granted access to your detailed logs.


I also appreciate that you were able to provide us with the detailed account of events.

Unfortunately, I am afraid I will have to confirm your suspicions;

We cannot offer you an alternative solution, on our end, at this time.


However, we've reached out to someone at Chatr, and are expecting a response in a timely manner.

We will update this thread if we hear of any other potential resolution.


Thanks for understanding! Smiley Wink



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Re: Outgoing Call History Issue

While chattr and Fido are owned by rogers.. run on the rogers network, etc... they are separate.. their billing, etc is all done via their own systems, etc.

I know with rogers by default.. you dont get all the call detail.

You need to call in and have them activate detailed billing on the line.

Not sure if this is an option with Chattr?

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Re: Outgoing Call History Issue

It use to be free a few years back though I never had any charges I would log in and be able to view either incoming or outgoing but not both can’t recall which one. However if it changes that’s sucks .