Orry! The Best Rogers Agent.

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Orry! The Best Rogers Agent.

I have a reference number I 835 040 805


I hope I am leaving this in a spot where somebody that matters can see. 


This individual in my years of experiencing what the majority of agents are like I know he is doing it right and different.


Actually felt like he was trying to help, cared and wanted the best for me and my situation. 


To say the least there are a lot of agents that work the system this man is doing it how it should be done.


ORRY I do not have a last name, please give this person the credit he deserves I am sure I am not the only one affected with his supreme customer support. 




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Re: Orry! The Best Rogers Agent.



This is so great to hear!  Love it!



To make sure Orry get all the credit feel free to Send a Compliment here: https://www.rogers.com/web/content/send-a-compliment





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Re: Orry! The Best Rogers Agent.

It would be great to see more post like this!  


Thanks for sharing Smiley LOLSmiley Very HappySmiley Happy