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Original Air Date of TV shows

I've Been Around

I recently moved from Bell Fibe TV which was simply awesome to Rogers :((((.


Anyways I was trying to set up recording for HomeLand plus re-watch the last season. However I am unsure which Season will be playing soon as we are behind the US season I think. I did find Homeland adn different seasons on RODemand, but am unable to see Origianl Air Date on the Info tab. This is a pain as then I dont know whcih one to see or whcih one to put to record.


Also when I see a new show on the guide, i am unable to set up Series Recording. I seemt o ahve the otpion to only record that show and then go to Scheduled Recordings in Meny and change it there from one episode to Series.


Both of these features were so easily available and easy to use in BELL Fibe TV.. Could someone please help me out on this.


I missed the ability to pause live TV, so now have to pay extra for 2 PVR boxes instead of one, just to be able to do that. Also someone at Rogers should seriously think of re-wording "Your TV is unable to perform Trick Plays" :):):)LOL.


In todays day n age it is not a trick play, its pretty common n expected especially if one PVR at Bell could do it. Perhaps rewording to"Uanble  o perform this function" would be more appropriate.





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Re: Original Air Date of TV shows

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The RoD, has the episode numbers often.. so that can be used to know what ones you need that way...
BUT.. the live ones on the cable.. weither new or rerun.. DONT have it there.. so it can be difficult 😞


i THOUGHT you could do the series recording, without having to switch afterwards.. but will have to check when at home tonight infront of the box.

As for the Pause TV thing.  While it DOES seem simple, one would think... the boxes are FUNDIMIENTALY different.. and thats why it wont work.
With the BELL boxes, the PVR unit does ALL the work.  It uses its 'tuners' for everything.  Recording, watching on that TV, or watching on the OTHER rooms TVs.. it all uses the PVR's tuners.  The other rooms boxes, are just playback boxes.  (this then also limits the bell system to 2 boxes ontop of the PVR, as it uses up all the tuners).
Rogers system, is different.  The PVR tuners, are all its own.  When a HD box, wants to watch something, its using it OWN tuner.  This allows 6 (and potentially more) units all to be run at the same time, no running out of tuners.  BUT because the HD box doesnt have a drive of any form on it.. its not able to preform even the pausing of the live TV.
(which the bell could.. as the remote box, then uses the PVR to then 'record' while pausing, etc.

Re: Original Air Date of TV shows

I Plan to Stick Around
Hi Little Rock .
Read the Manual how to operate the Box  . As each box is very different to operate flawlessly , and each different one has their special Tricks . They all do the same operations but with different commands , and are updated continuously .
Read all the instructions again and you will be surprised at what you find and discover . Good Luck .
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