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Ordering ROD

Definitely venting and frustrated!


I have had ROD for approximately 5 months now. Within these 5 months i have had to call in with the same issue approximately 3x's and am getting extremely tired of having to call in and be on hold when they only ask me to do the same thing to fix it over and over. This is why i now only repeat the action they ask me to do instead of calling. This is NOT a solution, it is a bandaid fix, which is why i am getting irrated. Considering i am paying for this service i find this extremely inconveinient and just plain abysmal service.


They tell me to reboot the box which in turn means reprogramming the remote. ROD is for convenience and i am finding this very inconvenient. If anyone has experienced this and has a real solution as opposed to a temporary, PLEASE let me know....


P.S. the issue is that everytime i order a movie from ROD it gets to the Parental Advisory and then freezes or comes in blotchy. It will not even get to the 1st scene...


Thank you.

Frustrated Guy!




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Re: Ordering ROD

RoD relies HEAVILY on 2 way communication between the box and rogers.. it COULD be something signal releated.. i am supprised that they have not said to have a technician come out and check things on that end yet.. even to eliminate that.


Though.. you should never have to re-program the remote, after a box reboot.

I have had the same remote... programmed to the rogers boxes and my TV.  I have been through 3 boxes (one swap of the 8642 and now the 9865), and just kept the same remote from before.  The programming for the rogers boxes are the same and should cary over even between boxes (could take one from room A and go to room B and use on the box there just fine).. and shouldnt loose anything between reboots.