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Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

Yes. The Not-yet-released-or-even-leaked-phone...

That's what I am talking about...


I am a Big fan of Samsung Note Series.

I am a Big fan of Android. But not stock android nexus.


I prefer to have a phone that has extra features that isn't OS related.

Like IR Blaster (IR Remote)

a PEN! Omg, Photoediting is DA BOMB with a pen, accuracy is amazing. (And not those after market stylus).

Battery capacity. SO HAPPY for large capacity - My note runs for about 2 days with medium usage (I optamize my phone though).

Now they have super-charge 5.3 or 5.7 v chargers for these new guys I am happy to see them charge faster! yay!


I owned Note, Note 2 and Currently Using Note 3.

Note 4 was not a BIG upgrade to me, so I never bothered getting it.


To speculate, I assume, Note 5 will have features of Galaxy S6/6Edge?

I really really really hope they have EXPANDABLE memory. -__-"


I was listening to a Tech Podcast earlier this week, and the host stated companies are going out of MicoSD so they can re-market expandable memory as not blank media, but rather adding additional software cards. (Which is weird?)


Thoughts? Opinions? Random jokes?

Lets dicuss!


Apple Users - Keep Out. 😛 We don't need your Gucci-status phones here. haha. kidding x__x




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Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Note 5! Smiley Happy


I have a note 4 and its my first and I love it !!!

I had the Samsung S3 and S4 in the past. 

I think that the PEN is excellent. Have you seen some of the art work on the PEN.UP app?


I also hope that it offers Expandable Memory! ... That might be a deal breaker for me when it comes to upgrading to the Note 5. 



Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I know.
All features are great but no expandable makes me crinch a little.

PEN.UP app. omg. ok. listen... I think people Cheat in that. They have to be doing it outside of NOTE. because COMON. Those are amazing flawless paintings/drawing/artwork. O__O my bestfriend is a Graphic designer... that stuff is like at her level of work and she uses a Note 3 as well; she said some of those artwork look like its done on photoshop after being hand drawn and scanned.

So I assume it was uploaded rather than done on the Note 3.

Still, a great app!

I dislike the megazine app. NextIssue needs to be intergrated instead lol

Oh, what features do you like About Note 4 that Note 3 possibly is missing out on?

Did you try the Selfie-Panorama? Note 4 has it, Note 3 doesn't.

If you didn't... then I am shocked! LOL

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

Samsung Note 5


So there I was, on Samsung's website reading about the latest Samsung Note, how it's bigger, better with an amazing 4K video capture to the new powerful 13-megapixel camera. But then realize I was reading the specs for the older Samsung Note 3. My thoughts then switched to: wow they have so many notes from smartphones to tablets, when's it going to take a break? But then I went to thinking about all the Samsung Note fans and ended with thoughs of how the new Samsung Note 5 is going to be something great to look forward to Smiley Happy.




Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hey guys!

Honestly no one knows what the actual specs or what the device looks like (other then a couple of leaks). Until then we can't really say much but from what i have heard from sources is that it will NOT include a SD card slot and removable battery. That will draw many people away from it as the Note series has always been about SD card and bigger / removable battery.

The design most likely will look similar to either the Note 4 or S6 from what the leaks have shown. I do want a Note 4 design as the S6 as good as a device is, the design isn't as great.

I don't really find Next issue or any magazine app useful for me as i don't really use them. Mind u i don't read magazines lol.

What Samsung needs to do is have the ability to let users actually remove pre installed apps and not so much bloatware. I hope this comes with the Note 5.

I'm using the Note 4 as we speak as i sold my S6 edge ( due to poor battery life) so I hope the Note 5 has an amazing battery life as the Note 4 has

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

@Meowmix uhh, typo or did I miss something here?
what exactly is a "girlfriend battery life"? ;D are you using your phone and got autocorrected? GO SAMSUNG KEYBOARD! lol

Bloatware by all manufactures are their way of gaining revenue besides their profit margin on the device itself.
PC/Laptops have the same thing. That's why Microsoft now pushed there "Clean" versions you can buy at the Microsoft store (which is amazing by the way) - But like some manufactures do for laptops called "Minimal Recovery" which restores the Windows to Factory settings without re-installing any "add-on" software... I would agree, an option like that should exists on all androids. But then I would lose the Note additional features like S-Pen app...
pulling out my pen and quickly noting down things on the pop up note pad is a pretty useful tool for me.

Also DON'T SAY NO SD SLOT. you're breaking my heart 😞 ahh

I don't read much but WIRED is pure video only on Next Issue apparently. I haven't checked it recently, but that's what I got last time I ran that app. (Mostly for my family to use anyway)

I am excited for the camera to be better than 13 MP. I think Note 4 is 16. So it can only get better right?
If they don't have expandable memory - I might as well get the 128GB version when it comes out.
SuperCharge better still be there. I liked the USB 3.0 on note 3. I wonder if they are going with the New USB standard as well.

Samsung is always trying to throw new stuff and new tech in their phone while keeping their phone "Affordable" on the premium scale (800$ range)

Compare to other flagships, this one gets loaded with things from Galaxy S series and Upgraded features. I got nothing to complain about.

@Meowmix how do you like the Note 4 so far? Any Pros and Cons comparison with S6 experience?

@RogersArthur what phone do you currently use?

@RogersAliciaG what about you? How's your experience with the Note 4?

If you guys (or anyone else reading this) had a chance to tell Samsung ONE feature to add on the upcoming Note 5, what would it be? (lets assume you won a contest and Samsung asked you to add a feature or something)


Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @ShakTiburon

Haha i guess typing fast does that to u! I meant to say amazing battery life **

I love the Note 4. It gives me the battery life i need, the screen size is just right. I don't have a issue with handling or holding the device as many people say the device is big. The LED flip case I have doesn't use that much battery and i have the option of the SD card and removable battery.

Pros would be why i listed above. Cons there isn't much other then the camera. The Note 4 still has a amazing camera though.

The one feature I want would be waterproofing or water resistant feature on the device. Also the ability to be able to remove ( actually remove and not just disable) pre installed apps and bloatware. Ontop of being able to create more futures and not gimmicks.

I'm using my S6 fast adapting wall charger and the Note 4 chargers within the same time the S6 does as well. I'm also using the wireless charger (as i have the wireless backing on my Note 4).

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I Plan to Stick Around

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello @Roglebo

That isn't a firm and actual date for Canadians. If you read it, it doesn't say anything about Canada and when it will actually come out here. That's just a rumoured date for it being announced and released. If you noticed, all Samsung devices get released in Canada different dates then the rest. 

The date isn't announced yet until the device is announce.

It's nice to see Samsung doing this before the iPhone release. Hopefully we get it before September! 

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...



I love the note 4 Heart

It's the best phone I have had in a while. Camera is great. The bigger screen make reading and sending emails on the go a lot less painful. PEN.UP I do agree with you some of the artwork is way too good to be done with the pen. However a friend of mine has done some amazing sketches with the pen.......As far as my art work , I have done a few stick people Smiley LOL




Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

Stick people is a good start @RogersAliciaG lol
I still feel like some of them are cheating in the App >__>

For me, I originally started the Note series because I wanted to watch Videos with better and crisp screen (Btw, I never have my screen set to high, it is BLINDING)... the phone itself turned out to be more useful than I expected.
I avoided PEN.UP for a long time because I felt so overwelmed at other people's skills lol
Gonna go back and check out more stuff thanks for reminding me lol

@Roglebo Yeah Note 5 isn't official or set time frame. Canada will probably (but hopefully not) be one of the last countires to get it.

It usually starts with First launch at India.
Why at India? I don't know. Samsung likes Indians a lot I guess. (I assume it has to do with bigger market in east)


On side note:

I find all other phones (including previous iPhone that fit inside the screen) like fisher price toys... I can't function with tiny phones. So now I am only able to get "phablets."

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @ShakTiburon

Leaked images on Mobilesyrup show the same design of the S6 on the Note 5. It seems it has a built in battery. That's a killer for me and might not go that root but who knows I might if they offer something better on the device.

Also Samsung announced a Unpacked event on August 13th! This is the day they should be announcing the device! Again seen the pictures and i don't like the design at all..

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...


Thanks for the update.
You are breaking my heart! Samsung is breaking my heart! Everything is breaking my heart! >__<"

S6 deisgn on Note 5 is not good. >__>
I heard MicroSD might still be there though. Missing MicroSD is a downfall for me.

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @ShakTiburon

That may be true but we will see. If both aren't included, I'm done with Samsung and staying with my Note 4.. Sadly it seems they didn't listen or learn from the S6 launch.

We shall see though.

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

[Edit: @Meowmix]

I at that point will go to Note 4... Note 5 doesn't seem to be calling my name lol

iPhone Plus? eh eh? ... lol joking.
What other Phones are out there with Pen? Since samsung might crash on this one...

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @ShakTiburon

I'm passing on the Note 5 this year unfortunately. It's not calling my name either as it doesn't seem to have what I and others want and ontop of that they went with the S6 design which has many issues ( glass back on the S6 is known to peel off and such).

LG has a device with a pen but i won't go for that. I might turn to the iPhone I won't lie. I did get the 6 Plus and liked it but I couldn't get widgets like Android. Plus the iPhone has more accessories and such for their devices. I don't know anymore lol.

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

Let's make our own phone. lol

What about OnePlus 2?
I don't know any more either >__<" ahhh

Even though iPhone is not my thing, I dislike the branding and their market scheme, however they are starting to whisper in my ear like eye of sauron ... "...I .. see.. youuu..."

I may still get Note 5 because I'm a tool and I have no other choice. Note 3 is giving up on me. 😐

Re: Opinions about Samsung Note 5...

I've Been Here Awhile

MONSTER update in Note 5.


Holy smokes. Don't know if you guys got yesterdays update on the Note 5 but HOLY SMOKES this was one of the best incremental OTA i've got on any phone.


FYI, i came from the S6 edge which i did not like at all, battery life was terrible and it was laggy as heck.


2 things that have radically, first, there was not much lag to start with on the note 5, espacially comparing to S6, but whatever lag there was is not gone. Phone is smooth as butter. I can saturate the RAM to 90% and it still doesnt lag a bit. I have over 175 apps installed.


#2 OMG battery life went from being a little better than S6 to FINALLY A NOTE WORTHY BATTERY LIFE.

Just 48 hours ago, I'd wake up at 7:30am, come back from work around 6, not using wifi at work, just LTE, having about 1.5 - 2 hours of SOT with about 1h of streaming on spotify (30 minutes driving back and forth) plus about 30 minutes of watching Narcos on netflix during lunch break. Then at home i'd switch to wifi, adding about another 1.5 hours of SOT browsing, social networks, catching up on my YouTube subs, and ofther tasks. By bedtime, around midnight, I'd barely have 10% left.


Since update, same exact usage. It's now 10pm and I still have 62% left. Thats is a HUGE increase in a single update.


Also worth mentionning i'm not the type of person that tries to shut off half the of features of the phone to save battery life. I don't dim the screen, I dont kills apps, leave location settings to full on (gps, wifi, triangulation) I Have a 1000$ smartphone and plan to use it the way it should be.


Anyways, just wanted to share my content. I'm very happy. I cannot wait to see whatelse they have in store for us.


I did not like my S6 edge and I am now extremely happy to be back on the note line. God bless the Note 5

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