Open Letter to Rogers- Existing customer Vs. New customer

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I've Been Around
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Open Letter to Rogers- Existing customer Vs. New customer

While I understand Rogers' need to attract new customers, and giving them incentives to enter into a contract with Rogers... I fail to understand why there are not promotions for long term customers (i.e. you've been with us for 5 years... you get $2.50 a month off your plan... 10 years $5 off... etc.). I was looking at my plan 300 daytime (local)/MY10/1GB data for $63 and a $12 value pack (early evenings/voicemail etc), and found a plan on rogers for $63 with unlimited canada wide mins/2GB data including voicemail etc.... After talking to the call center about it, it's unavailable to me....New customers only with select phones. (I recently updated to a Galaxy S3... not one of the select phones by the way). Now let me check my math...


Started way back in 1992 with Cantel...


Same number, company has merged/bought out a couple of times until it is what it is today..


Averaging about $55 a month...


21 years X 12 months =  252 months


252 months X $55 month = $13,860


Now you tell me... Who should you be offering the better plans to?


While I don't have any complaints due to service or anything... I think I'm going to take another company up on their "NEW CUSTOMER" deal.... because Rogers gives me no incentive to stay with them.


-Saddened Customer.

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Open Letter to Rogers- Existing customer Vs. New customer

I can certainly understand where your coming from with this. But I think you should call Rogers again and let them know how apealing its competitors new customer promotions are to you. Once they hear a tenured customer such as yourself is thinking of canceling, I'm sure they will be able to work something out for you were everyone is happy. Just dont expect the Free Kindle Paper White 😛

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Open Letter to Rogers- Existing customer Vs. New customer

I agree, call back and talk to customer relations/retentions. Say you are being swayed away by the competitors.
They have access to promotions that regular reps do not.

Rogers is also going to be some time in the future starting a loyalty type program. No details yet, but likely, something possibly like your discounts described or similar.