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Online rebate ??

I Plan to Stick Around

I follow MEOMIX's instructions and i don't see any option or link that says "Rebate my Phone" or anything, what happened ?


Last year around this time my wife got the iphone5 when they 1st released in the 2nd week, the Rogers store in Gerald square told her that after 1 year call Rogers to get rebate on each phone like 100$ each cause we got share plan with 2 phones.


the thing that i remember after we got the phone for awhile was not too long, i recieved msg from Rogers that i have 200$ or 300$ credit in our account ? but it didn't say it was for rebate or something, was this the rebate ? or the Store Rep lied to us ? call in after a year to for rebate ? who would remember to call ? ya my wife.


MeoMix would you please light it up ? i hate calling rogers, they will transfer me to USA anywhere.


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Re: Online rebate ??

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello RandySolara

The credit they offered you most likely expired. the credit that is done over the phone has a experation date on it.

The $50 rebate when getting a phone is done over the internet via my intrusction but that also has a expariation date on it.