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Online billing

I Plan to Stick Around

I recently signed up for online billing.

I didn't receive any email notification to tell me my bill was available.


So I "save $2.00"  but have to remember to get my bill myself???

Does anyone else have this problem?


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Re: Online billing

Re: Online billing

I've Been Around

Why is it getting more and more difficult to display and pay my Rogers Bill???? Apparently you have added many new options when in fact you could not handle the options you had!!!!!!!

Re: Online billing

I've Been Here Awhile
Hi i always check my online bill and ussage but i dint see the international in and out tex message ussage. Like date and number thanks

Re: Online billing

I've Been Here Awhile


I have a problem with the online billing. I received the email from Rogers (saying "View bill") on Aug. 11 and when I try to save/download the bill I get nothing but a message like

8-17-2015 9-06-05 AM.png




I used the chat service and all I had was a "I understand, sorry for the inconvinience"...

So I still can't have or see the pdf with my bill...


Re: Online billing

Retired Moderator



Welcome to the community!


I would like to help. 

Do you have your pop up blocker enabled? 

What web browser are you using ?

Unfortunately the image that you tried to post did not appear, would you be able to upload the image again or describe what you are seeing.