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Online billing

I Plan to Stick Around

I recently signed up for online billing.

I didn't receive any email notification to tell me my bill was available.


So I "save $2.00"  but have to remember to get my bill myself???

Does anyone else have this problem?


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Re: Online billing

I've Been Around

I have the same problem. Never get an email

Re: Online billing

I'm a Senior Advisor

@snooky wrote:

I have the same problem. Never get an email

Paperless billing is absolutely useless without email notifications. It's like having to go to the post office each day to see if a bill has arrived. The onus should be on Rogers to notify you theere is a bill in plenty of time, rather than you having to keep checking on their (buggy) website each day. That is why I'm always leery of accepting paperless billing offers, even when rewards are offered. I got 2 months behind on my gas bill until I realized I wasn't receiving any emails.

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Re: Online billing

Resident Expert
I guess it depends on the persons mentality on scheduling and paying bills.

Myself, in my head know when stuff if normally due (my elec/gas in first 1/2 of month, rogers 2nd, etc)... So I know that it's past a time that I should have a bill, I call in to that service to inquire.

Re: Online billing

I'm a Trusted Contributor
I've been using e-billing since the last postal strike and never had a problem getting the e-mail notification. However, I do start checking "MyRogers" about 2-3 days after my billing date. Just to be sure.

Even with paper billing, you still have to check the mailbox each day and with my letter carrier it's best to check with my neighbours too. He tends to get addresses out of sync.

In any case. Bill or no bill all companies expect on time payment. You can either call in or estimate and at least pay the amount you usually do. If you pay too much it will be credited to your next months bill or if too little, they for sure will find a way to let you know.

Re: Online billing

I've Been Around

Actually, that is exactly the problem I wanted to ask about.  I signed up in May.  Changed to paperless.  Don't use by cell phone a lot, maybe 2 or 3 times a month, and then I thought .. good grief.  It seems a long time.  I wonder when the bill notification is going to come.  I get bill notifications by email for all my other paperless bills.  Why not Rogers?  Is there something I have to do.  Ended up with late charges for non-payment.