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Online billing

I Plan to Stick Around

I recently signed up for online billing.

I didn't receive any email notification to tell me my bill was available.


So I "save $2.00"  but have to remember to get my bill myself???

Does anyone else have this problem?


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Re: Online billing

I've Been Around

I have to go into my rogers to find invoice but not getting emails
Will need to check my profile

Re: Online billing

I'm a Trusted Contributor

If you are not getting notifiction about your invoice - you need to

A) be sure email address is correctly entered on your account by contacting rogers or view your self online via under your account profile..

B) You also might want to check your SPAM/JUNK or trash folder.  sometimes email providers will put emails there when not in your contact list...

C) seeing as invoices are not directly email to you.  It always good pratice to visting your account online about a week from you billing cycle.  this way if there is a notification missed you will be alble to view your statement.  


Hope this helps... 

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Re: Online billing

I've Been Around

i need my balance of my account, haven't recieved my bill in mail.

Re: Online billing

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello judas1922

You can log into My Rogers and it will show it on there or you can contact Rogers via Live Chat, Facebook and Twitter @RogersHelps and they will tell you!

Re: Online billing

And again, as stated above.

While you will get the BALLANCE owing on the email.. you will NOT get the bill itself.

you must log into MYROGERS and view it there.. you can also choose to download a PDF of it while you are there.