Online Manager with Privacy Settings

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Re: Online Manager with Privacy Settings

Hi @Leandra,


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I highly recommend that you report this harassment to the police right away. They are best suited for dealing with situations such as this. We can only provide a trace to the police as part of an official investigation.



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Re: Online Manager with Privacy Settings

I have call blocking and I have a number that keeps calling (6477682123) and then calls back in a little while as (+16476892123) I have put in both numbers but the system won't enter the + sign so the number keeps ringing please help it's annoying. We are seniors and don't need this issue.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Online Manager with Privacy Settings

647-768 is a Telus Mobility number if it hasn't been ported.
647-689 looks like a VoIP number from TNW.

It doesn't look like Rogers is using Nortel's CS2000 with Dialable Directory Number Delivery anymore, because if they were, both numbers would show up as 10 digit numbers if returning those calls would be local calls from your telephone.

Dial *60 and follow the menu, and just enter the ten digit number in the 2nd case.  Do not include a 1.  Make sure your service is on.

If a private caller calls you, you can block them too if they are using CS2K, by picking up the phone, dialing *60 and then press #01#.  This blocks the last incoming caller even if their number is suppressed to your display, because it is still transmitted to the receiving switch.  Only our switch did it.  I don't know if Rogers is still using our stuff, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Try that though.