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Ongoing DVR Guide Quality Issues

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There are some older, somewhat similar threads in the forums but I wanted to post the complaint email I sent earlier just to see if anyone else is annoyed by ongoing problems with DVR guide information. Maybe the issue is regional (Atlantic Canada). I try to work around stuff like this but it's been getting worse over the last couple of years and I'm tired of having to go to or some other online listings site to try and compensate. If anyone (as usual) tries to deflect this onto the content providers themselves, as I point out, the program information I find online is always correct. It's just the DVR guide information that's full of errors, generic or missing data. It's also clearly not a DVR issue, but a source data issue.


As a long term Rogers customer, I've become increasingly frustrated with the increasing number of errors and poor quality of the DVR programming guide over the last couple of years. The guide is how I find the shows I want to watch/record and as a direct customer interface, when it's full of errors and missing data it makes for a poor experience.


Lately, there have been a number of time slots and even a whole day for one channel where the only data was "To Be Announced". The other problem I see a lot of is "<channel x> Programming" instead of proper data, eg "Disney XD Canada Programming" or "Showcase Programming". For the last year or more, every Saturday evening the content for ABC is listed as "Paid Programming", even though it's sports or a movie or a game show. The correct information is accessible online as I've  verified many times.


There have been periods where the guide shows "No Data" for various time slots and a month and a half where the information for the programs was misaligned, eg the data from the Info button for one show was shown for another. The problem I see most often is generic show caption instead of the actual episode information.


Shifting the blame to the content providers isn't an acceptable excuse because virtually every day I have to go to's TV listings to check what's actually on and their information is always correct. Clearly the proper data is out there and Rogers just isn't picking it up or updating the Guide properly. Perhaps this is just a regional issue or it may be endemic to Rogers whole cable network but in any case, I'm tired of having to go online to second source the correct programming data and trying to work around the poor quality of the DVR guide. It may be time to find another provider that understands that customer interfaces like the DVR guide shouldn't be poorly maintained afterthoughts but rather the most direct experience the customer has in finding the programming they want to see.


I've tried contacting customer support in the past, but the only response was bafflement and an attempt to send a service tech to my house. How that would help with what is clearly a long term technical issue on Rogers side I can't imagine. As I've seen from online listings, the data is out there, Rogers just applying it properly. Taken on a case by case basis, I can try to work around the bad/missing info but as an aggregrate it's getting increasingly frustrating to have to chase down program info online every day.



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Re: Ongoing DVR Guide Quality Issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

having wrong iformation on the guide, etc is completely back end and sending a tech out, etc. would do nothing.

BUT, if the no data shows up.. thats usually that the box failed to download that info.. which could be on user side. (not by fault.. but could just be bad singal, etc from outside, failed connector/splitter, etc.)