On Rogers throttling internet speeds

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On Rogers throttling internet speeds

Hi, for the past half a year or so, I have been closely monitering the issue of Rogers throttling internet speeds of its customers, expecially for those who play World of Warcraft the online game. As a long-term rogers customer, I resisted the urge to simply drop them for a provider who would give me the bandwidth that I paid for. It's been a few months, and with a lot of mistruth and denial on Rogers part, we, the consumers were finally able to force Rogers to acknowledge that it was not only breaking the law, but ignoring, deflecting perfectly legitimate complaints about this issue.


(Must be my routers problem, huh? Mustve heard that at least 20 times, well, turns out you made me buy a new router for no reason, though I have no delusions about getting my money back for that, or for the bandwidth you've stolen, yes stolen, from me.)


Anyways, here's my question. CRTC has ordered you to either prove that they (and the rest of your concerned customers) were wrong about your throttling, (and, lets face it, thats not going to happen) or come into compliance with the act.


I would like to know when these changes would be put into effect, I heard CRTC gave Rogers until february 4th to reply? Does anyone know if they have made a response yet?



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Re: On Rogers throttling internet speeds

To ensure the best experience possible for its customers, the company has historically managed peer to peer traffic uploads.  However, new technologies and ongoing investments in network capacity will allow Rogers to begin phasing out that policy starting in March 2012.

These changes will be introduced to half of Rogers existing Internet customers by June 2012 and to its remaining customers by December 2012.

Rogers will switch off the policy in stages and closely monitor the change to ensure our customers continue to experience the speed and reliability they expect.

We believe our internet traffic management policies were in full compliance with the CRTC regulations.

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Re: On Rogers throttling internet speeds

if only canadian internet hadnn't been destroyed by capitalist pigs

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Re: On Rogers throttling internet speeds

CBC news carried a news feed the other day in which Rogers did respond to the CRTC and denied they were throttling but in the same sentence would stop throtting and make the changes in March.   Go figure!