On Demand Online Can't View All Channels

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On Demand Online Can't View All Channels

I've been having a problem getting shows from City TV to work.  The video player comes up, I am shown a commercial and then the tv show won't come on. It shows the length of time in the player but all I get is the small circular thing turning around on a black screen like it's searching.  I left it going 5-10 minutes it doesn't connect.  I tried Bachlor Canada, Raising Hope and both did the same thing.  I tried Glee which is Global and it worked. Saving Erica CBC it worked.  I updated flashplayer, no luck there.  I clicked to optimize, all 5 things came back okay.  Any help would be appreciated.  If I try directly from City TV I get pretty much the same thing, except a picture from the show is in the player but it won't start. 


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Re: On Demand Online Can't View All Channels

Hi there!

We would need to reproduce the issue to be able to get more information about it.

I'm sending you a private message so we can take a look into this together.