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Office or Home

Okay so I was looking at my network connection and under the TealPanda it said office.  I never really paid attention before but thought that was odd, so changed it to home.  Now I am not sure if I should change it back to office.....what is the difference if any other than the name?


I am a single computer in my home with no wireless connections...does it matter if it is set to office or home?



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Re: Office or Home

Here is the official response 🙂

Reall the main difference is, that the  home setting, allows you do do a little more, if you are wanting to set up homegroups or other simple home sharing things between PCs.
Office setting removes some of them, but not all.

Public is for when, well you are on a public network, and you dont wanyt ANYONE to potentialy connect to you.