OD Movies not playing full screen

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OD Movies not playing full screen



Just installed a new TV Samsung F8000 and a new settop box, the NextBox 3.0. All good so far, great picture, have switched output to 1080p via settings.


Trouble is that On Demand movies aren't playing full screen. I've got a black bar top and bottom of the screen. This issue doesn't show on regular HD channels. What am I missing? Any help greatly appreciated!





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Re: OD Movies not playing full screen

No black bars at the side as well??

First thought, would be, that your viewing a SD OD thing?  They will oven be a FALSE widescreen, where its black top/bottom and sides, so can be 'zoomed'.

Bar that.. im not sure.. on demand stuff plays fine on my NB3.

One thing though.. the 1080p, is a little flakey sometimes.. and on recorded playback, (so possibly on demand too) some people have had audio/video dropouts, etc.
Best to switch it to 1080i.  None of the content,is pushed out any higher than 1080i anyways.

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Re: OD Movies not playing full screen

Under no circumstances should you use 1080p on the Nextbox 3. What you're actually getting is 480p, which is what my Samsung TV shows when I try it. Use 1080i or 720p.