Not receiving full usage limit from my internet package?

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Re: Not receiving full usage limit from my internet package?

gwilki wrote:

My next door neighbour also has Rogers and her speeds are also very bad. The tech came out to make sure that the pedestal was ok. It is. He told her something about the two new apartment buildings down the street putting too much load on the node (I may have mixed that up a bit.), and that we would never be able to get any where near the advertised "up to" speeds.  At least by going with Netsavvy, we can lower our monthly charges, even if the speeds are not what they could be.

You didn't mix that up at all.  Its perfectly correct.  What Rogers needs to do is split the 'node' (aka the pedestal).  Essentially, splitting those 2 buildings onto their own node, and the rest of the neighbourhood onto the existing.


Cable oversells to maintain 'reasonable' prices for internet access - it usually means you'll see some dips in speeds, but its not supposed to really be noticable.  Unfortunately, Rogers oversells it to an extent that most US ISPs wouldn't even do, so it does get extremely noticeable - many saw this in the last year when Rogers increased speeds for their packages, and hundreds of customers were seeing sub 3mbps, while paying for 18+.


They're currently working their butt off to split these nodes so be able to kill off throttling.  They were throttling time-sensitive applications (which is a big no no), and the CRTC kept at them to fix additional things (after Rogers announced they'd 'fixed' everything), and they finally just announced they were killing throttling to get out from under the CRTC thumb.