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Not receiving calls or texts

I've Been Around

Over the last few days I have only received about 25% of my calls or texts. I know there are calls not getting through as I get the 'Who Called' text or a voicemail when the phone doesn't ring. Also, all my texts also go to email, so I can see there are lots of them not going to my phone, or being delayed for hours.


Anyone else having these issues?


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Re: Not receiving calls or texts

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Retired Moderator

Hi stophie72 and welcome to the forums,


This sounds like an issue with the phone itself.


Which model device do you have? What do people hear when they call your number?

Have you tried removing and re-inserting your battery?

Re: Not receiving calls or texts

all of our employees are having the same issue.



Window mobile phone, Blackberry, iPhone. They all have similiar issue. 


i have already created a case(C40267081) with Rogers. It could be our area. We are located at yonge and bloor . 


Re: Not receiving calls or texts

I haven't received BBMs or email since June 23 at 8:30 am; at about 5:00 pm on June 23 I contacted Rogers and was told it's a system wide BB issue. Wondering when we can expect to get this fixed.

Re: Not receiving calls or texts

I've Been Here Awhile
Both my 3G and my wife's 3GS is having the same problem. and it's been on and off today. Error's out when sending text, needs to send 3 or 4 tries and it finally goes through. Of course, the replies from other carriers aren't coming through either. MSN'd a friend who I was waiting on on a reply from and she said she replied, however, I didn't get them.

Re: Not receiving calls or texts

I've Been Around

wow exact same issue here, contacted tech support and they told me its an issue with 3g in my area ??? so this will stop in coming calls as well ???? doesnt make sense and its been over a month that i know of that this has been happening . what good is a phone that only recieves calls when it feels like it, sending texts that are recieved hours later ??? i am using a 2 month old ericson ark and was thinking its the phone but obvoisly other phones are doing it as well, would love to see a solution to this

Re: Not receiving calls or texts

I've Been Here Awhile

its the same here all weekend so far i havent seen any answer for this problem yet either no calls in or out and texts are random......  from up north in ontario canada, ITS VERY FUSTRATING!!

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