Not getting credits I was promised?

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Not getting credits I was promised?

I have a small business acct, and negotiated a plan with loyalty that I was really happy with. The rep was really awesome and I spoke to her through the whole ordeal via email and multiple phone calls, really top notch customer service.


But, the issue comes here. Part of the deal was as I am a small biz account, I am eligible for $300 portin credit for the line I ported in from Telus to a new iPhone 6s. The rep in store (who was also really nice) said because I have a loyalty plan I am not eligible for the $300 credit, or the additional $150 renewal credit for the main line that was already on Rogers that I was also promised. That is $450 in credits i was relying on to reduce the price of my phones, and had factored in as part of the total cost to switch most of my family over to Rogers.


I am still waiting to hear back from the rep I was dealing with, but I hope someone here can help as well.


Thank you very much


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Re: Not getting credits I was promised?

As far as I know, Port in credits are either split up in monthly invoice in 5 months. (Use to be an old promotion that did that).
OR... takes up to 3 bill cycles for the credit to apply.

I assume it is the latter and there is a credit delay for the $300 credit. Port in credit only applies to new activation as far as I am aware. So I assume you are talking about 2 Lines here.
$150 may take 2 bill cycles as well - My recommendation is to get a hold of that agent, or call in to business and ask for clarification from another business agent.

(I work in consumer end, so I know some policies are different in business - Better to confirm with that department).

Bottom line, I have a feeling it is just a billing delay, most promotions have that.
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Re: Not getting credits I was promised?

Hi @jackthecompguy


The @CommunityHelps team is primarily a consumer support channel. If you are unable to reach a resolution with your Business Rep, feel free to let us know so we can forward your query to the appropriate departments.