Non-deletable browser bookmarks!

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Non-deletable browser bookmarks!

I have an LG P925G. Rogers has added about a dozen bookmarks to the  web browser.  And they can't be -- by any sensible means -- deleted. So any bookmarks *I* add  end up scrolled off the end of the bookmark list, past all of the rogers-added browser shortcuts.


This pretty much cripples use of bookmarks. Not exactly a small feature.


Does anyone know how to get rid of them? I'm willing to root the phone, honestly, if I have to. It's  so annoying.


Or go install anohter browser, I suppose. Chrome beta, or Dophin perhaps., I guess  I'll have to go off and install another browser. Chrome Beta or Dolphin perhaps. 


Just plain stupid. I can (barely) live with the  all the bloatware; but blowing away a major feature in a web browser to get yer cruddy rogers pages shoehorned into other peoples' consciousness -- that's.... well.. I don't really expect much else from rogers.


-- Annoyed  as heck.



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Re: Non-deletable browser bookmarks!

Installing another browser is the only solution if your phone is not rooted.
Dolphin Browser is the closest browser to the default one since they share the same code base.
Google Chrome Beta for Android is only available on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
Opera Mobile or Firefox are worth trying.
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Re: Non-deletable browser bookmarks!

I posted this in another thread but thought that it might help you out also:

I've seen the same thing on some AT&T based custom roms for my Captivate.

Here's the solution to your problem:
Go to the google android market (I guess they call it the "Play Store" now) and download a free app called "Bookmark Sort & Backup". Once you have that you can launch it and from there you can delete/manage bookmarks - even the "stuck" default ones that you see in the stock browser.


I agree you shouldn't have to jump through these hoops and those junk bookmarks make the concept of "bookmarks" useless by cluttering it up but this will at least solve your problem.

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Re: Non-deletable browser bookmarks!

xScope is also a pretty decent browser.. & you don't need to have root either. :-P