Nokia X7- problems issues

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Nokia X7- problems issues

I have been a Nokia advocate for many years and when Rogers offered me a promotional upgrade to the X7 I thought why not.


Buyer beware


The base phone works ok, BUT if you want to install apps => forget it. There is a known, by both Rogers & Nokia, bug that will not allow most apps to sucessfully install. NOTE These are the officailly available from the OVI store to boot, not just what you can find on the internet .

Repeated promises of a fix is coming soon is all you here. Even Nokia states the same excuse.

I have been trying for 6 months now.


Now that Symbian "Belle" OS is globally available you would expect  to upgrade but NO Nokia Canada & Rogers  will NOT provide the OS upgrade in Canada.


Rogers now states => tough luck ( basically).

You(Customer)/we(Rogers) are at the mercy of the device vendor and by the way your contract with Rogers is for the provision of the phone network services not the device. If you buy this on the 2-3 year contract  and unless there is an identifiable hardware failure/problem your out of luck. (NO SUPPORT)


The Rogers sales group as well as the web advertising literature @ Rogers spouts the ability to install apps, that the device has a self-upgradeable software OS and is supported.


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Re: Nokia X7- problems issues



I completely agree. I've had this phone since November and it's absolute garbage. Now I'm stuck with it for 3 years and the only way out is to pay full price for a brand new phone. I'll never buy anything from Nokia again.

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Re: Nokia X7- problems issues

@ Feeney. Not really. If you look at it. You are able to upgrade to another device threw Rogers after 6 months but you need to pay a early upgrade fee + whatever the phone will cost for another 3 year term.

Although i agree the X7 has its problems its not fully to blame Nokia. Nokia won the title for the best handset with the Lumia 900 Windows phone in which Rogers is getting & i know hundreds are waiting for it.

I have the X7 & yes i have faced a few issues as well. But all in all Nokia does make amazing phones. Just some of them need a bit more work on them.
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Nokia X7- problems issues

I've had an X7 since late November and I've been having problems with it the past couple of months.
I'd say at least half of the time, my texts do not send on the first try. They are always stuck in the outbox, and I have to manually re-send them several times before they go through (sometimes it takes over 10 tries, typically 3-5 tries). I should note that I have free texting and have at least 3-4 bars of service when this happens. It happens when sending to various friends, with various types of phones, and on various networks. I have this same problem even when trying to text myself to test it out.
Also, friends have been frequently complaining that they can never get ahold of me. When they call, they say it either goes straight to the auto message (the cellular customer you are trying to contact is away from the phone...blah blah blah...), or rings once then goes to the message. This happens when my phone is ON and with good signal strength. I have tested it using a house phone and it does exactly what others say.
And yet ANOTHER problem, my texts cut off when I try sending anything longer than 2 short lines (most of the time). The rest simply gets cut off and not even sent in another separate message. I understand there is a character limit, but the messages that cut off are significantly LESS than this limit, usually about HALF! I also have unlimited picture messaging, but it usually takes 30 minutes minimum for the message to send through, after 10+ attempts at re-sending manually.
I have contacted Rogers only to be told that it must be a problem with everyone elses phone, rather than mine...EVEN THOUGH these issues happen with friends using all different phones, and different service providers. It is pretty clear to me that MY phone is the problem, not everyone elses (10+ friends I'd estimate). My brother also has an X7 and complains of problems with messages not sending so that is further proof there is an issue with the phone. I did not have any of these problems when using my Blackberry, so it isn't a problem with the SIM card. I was also instructed to do a reset which seemed only to help for a couple of hours (and only solving the text cut off) before the problem returned once again.


Does anyone have a fix for this?