Nokia Lumia 920 connectivity issues

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Nokia Lumia 920 connectivity issues

Currently after installing the update for the Nokia Lumia 920 (1308) I have run into a flurry of network connectivity issues, dropped calls, missed texts, data inconsistencies. This is a known issue with the 1308 update and has been fixed in the 1314 update Nokia released earlier in the week. This update is available for unlocked and AT&T phones and fixes the network connectivity issues described above.


There is currently no news stating when this update will be available for Rogers and is plaguing the phone to be unusable as a phone (it's primary function for most people).


This is not a SIM issue, I have done a SIM swap. This is not a single device issue, Nokia themselves have acknowledged the problem, and I have done a complete reset to ensure.


Is this update currently in testing? Can we expect it soon? I love the device and would like to continue to use it but this is becoming a major issue for me and others.


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Re: Nokia Lumia 920 connectivity issues

Hello yakbabbler

At this moment there is no news of this update being released with Rogers or them testing it. They could be testing it BUT they will not say much.

They should release it a week or so after ATT does .
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Nokia Lumia 920 connectivity issues

I assumed as much, but at this rate if it takes longer than another week or two im going to unlock it just to do the update, its pretty ridiculous (which means I could get wind since it's pentaband :P)