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Nokia Lumia 830

I Plan to Stick Around

Nokia Canada has announced that the Lumia 830 is coming soon to Canada. The company hasn’t announced pricing, carrier partners or availability — you know, all the things we want to know — but at least something is better than nothing in terms of new Windows Phones coming here to Canada.


This is great news seeing how Rogers is one the major partners with Windows Phone's below is a link to the facebook page for Nokia Canada.


Currently I have a 920 with a cracked screen and now using a crappy Nokia 520 which is so slow so im super excited about this device huge screen and super slim which I like better then the 930.


So come on Rogers give us some information!.


Nokia Canada

Nokia Lumia 830 Specificiations



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Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I Plan to Stick Around

Hello to all waiting for the Nokia 830,,I can confirm Rogers will be getting this device,,I was in a local Rogers store and there in a box was the dummy device,,I asked if i could look @ it and no problem,,,Device feels great to hold as well,,Looks fantastic and has very clean lines,,No idea on pricing

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

Hey Michael, did they give any rough release time frame? I'm also very anxious to see this device for myself, can't wait for Rogers to bring it here!

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I Plan to Stick Around

From what i understand October 2nd is a rough time frame for release in other parts of the world,,Lets hope Rogers doesn't sit on this and blow another intro of a Wndows Phone device as they have done in the past,,,I personally carry an unlocked Nokia 1520 for my daily ride,,This decice can now purchased @ for $524 delivered to your home tax and shipping inc,,,So before we all get to excited with the Nokia 830 lets see what Rogers price point is to buy it out right,,,If there is only $ 100 difference in pricing it would be foolish to not to jump all over the Nokia 1520,,The Nokia 830 is a mid ship hand set and will never grow up to be like his big brother the Nokia 1520,,,lol,,,So shopper beware

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I Plan to Stick Around

Chances that the 830 will be priced below 420$ (that is 100$ below the price you state) are slim.

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

@ Michael: Except that some people (like myself) don't want a huge 6" phablet. A 5" screen would be good for me, though a little smaller (like my current 4.5" Lumia 920) would be perfect. A quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU with 1GB RAM, MicroSD card slot, removable battery, swappable back covers, Qi Wireless charging, 720p 5" display......... to me, that's nearly perfect. The only upgrades I'd MAYBE want are a 1080p screen and a SD 800 (or 801) CPU so I could Miracast. But those are small nitpicks. And yes, I realize the 930 pretty much has all of my dream specs. Just not the SD card, which I really want in my phone.


Either way, looking forward to at least holding the 830 to see how it feels (apparently it's the best feeling Lumia ever).

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

Good news, the Lumia 830 will be priced $400 out-of-contract. This is below what most expected, including me.


The 2-year commitment will carry a $0 price tag.


Release is next week.

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

Right on! Smiley Happy I just saw this news as well, here's a link if anyone's interested.... Actual release date will be Oct 8th.

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I've Been Around

After speaking to a sales rep I found out that I will not be able to get the Lumia 830 using a contract renewal. I have the 6GB plan which is no longer offered. So my only option is to buy the Lumia 830 outright!


So my dilemma is this...


Lumia 1020 is now selling for $340 from Microsoft/Amazon. Do I get the Lumia 1020 or do I just buy the 830 for $60 more?


What do you guys think... is the 1020 > 830 in this situation?





ty kindly.

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

Hmm, I'd still go with the 830 in terms of age, specs, and future support (the 1020 is almost a year and a half old, and will probably get updates slower than the 830). I have a 920 myself and have been weighing the pros and cons of buying the 830 outright.


Really, though, if you think about it, the 1020 only has the one standout feature: the 41MP camera. Everything else is around par (it has the exact same specs as my two year-old 920, plus an extra 1GB of RAM). Whereas with the 830, you may not get the 41MP camera, but you still get a nice 10MP shooter, along with removable battery, SD card support, plus a slightly larger screen and nice slick/light design (along with wireless charging). If you are looking for an awesome camera phone, by all means, the 1020 is still the best. If not, though, I'd still go with the 830.


Just my 2 cents. Hope that helps. 🙂

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I Plan to Stick Around
Deesign, they are just trying to get you to switch plans, because of the 6GB data plan; they tried that with me too, but you can upgrade to a Lumia 830 just fine when it's released. Just go into a store, say you want to do a hardware upgrade but don't change the plan...shouldn't have any issues.

I got the same 6GB plan and a loyalty dept plan and I HUPs no problems here in Edmonton.
You'll find me when I'm not playing or ref'ing hockey or volleyball.

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I've Been Around

So what's taking so long? Still nothing on the website, release date was supposedly yesterday.


I am poised to take one as soon as it's available and Rogers is saying nothing. This is frustrating. Hurry it up Rogers.

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I've Been Around
I've called every store in my city and nothing. Only 2 stores of the 15 actually went out of their way to check the inventory in the back.

Apparently its' delayed until the 17th of this month now from I saw on Reddit from supposedly an employee of Rogers. If that's the case, Bell has it on the 15th, i'm switching 100% then. It's absolutely ridiculous, even customer support said just cause it was released doesn't mean we have stock. I was like ummmmm, so when you launch a new iPhone just cause it's released on the 6th doesn't mean you won't have any until the 10th?

Sorry for the little rant, I'm just done with Rogers. No one was willing to help me or help me get it reserved.

Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I've Been Here Awhile

Nope. Rogers will still launch it first. The Lumia 830 has been delayed everywhere.


Rogers will launch it sometime next week, and Bell is now scheduled to launch on the 22nd.


Source: (check for Update 2 in the article below)



Re: Nokia Lumia 830

I Plan to Stick Around

Lumia 830 roms are already on navifirm for all 3 carriers. rogers, bell and telus.

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