Nokia Lumia 710 availability

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I'm Here A Lot
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Nokia Lumia 710 availability

I know the lumia 710 is already out, but i've yet to find a store nearby that has it in stock


I was wondering if others could share their experience when looking for this phone. Is it in stock at your store? if so, what city are you? I'm from Coquitlam, BC which is near vancouver. If rogers stores in vacouver has the lumia 710, im willing to drive there to buy one.




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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Nokia Lumia 710 availability

I purchased one of these in Calgary, but most rogers stores are already sol out with the stock they had. They are selling very fast.


The phone itself is a good entry level phone, it is not a high end device so but it runs very smoothly, I also have the samsung focus, but just wanted to see what this nokia was like, im hoping rogers does get the lumia 900. That will be my next phone for sure. apples and ice cream have nothing on these phones.