Nokia Lumia 1020 - bug with Facebook App

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Nokia Lumia 1020 - bug with Facebook App

I purchased the Lumia 1020 about 2 weeks ago and there seems to be an issue with the Facebook app. When I attempt to 'share' photo's to the Facebook app direct from my camera roll something goes wrong. I will select about 20 photo's to post on my Facebook page but instead of posting the ones  I selected it will choose a random photo on the camera roll (one that I never selected in the first place more often than not) and duplicate that 20 times. 


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times as well as performing a soft reset. The photo's transfer fine when I hook it up to my laptop.


I have been told as well that people are unable to open my snapchats. Im not sure if thats related or not .


Has anyone encountered this same issue ? 


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Re: Nokia Lumia 1020 - bug with Facebook App

Is any Community member able to assist @sharonlouise with their issue?