Nokia 1314 Update available now

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Nokia 1314 Update available now

Hello world!


FYI, I see that the 1314 firmware update for the Lumia 920 is now live, check your settings for the update. only took about ~15min to download, install and migrate settings and back to my homescreen.


link to screenshot of 'about settings':


haven't found a changelog for this from Rogers but should be the same as AT&T?


  • Improved automatic display brightness adjustment
  • Fix for intermittent screen blanking during a call
  • Improvements for connectivity issues in certain network conditions
  • Performance and stability improvements

Since I just installed it and havent had time to test it much as this is not my primary phone, but wanted to share with the WP community here. Hopefully it fixes the signal and connectivity issues others have had, and brings other improvements as noted from the AT&T release.


I've used the Lumia 920 phone for ~3 months then switched back to my iphone 4s for the past month... with this update I will give the 920 another chance.. I do love the screen, camera, keyboard and some other featues but WP8 still needs alot of work, not just in the OS but quality of apps that are allowed into the windows app store.

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Re: Nokia 1314 Update available now

How are you liking the update aguynamedvic?



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Re: Nokia 1314 Update available now

I'm hoping it's going to fix the heat problems I've been having since 1308. Shall report back in a few days.

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Re: Nokia 1314 Update available now

Thanks for sharing .
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Re: Nokia 1314 Update available now

I see there is a "Radio Software Version" information. What does that mean? Do we have radio now? I thought it was in an upcoming GDR2 (I think) update. Or is this something else?

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Re: Nokia 1314 Update available now

Hello leon_nerd

No it does not mean you have a radio. The update is for the radio chips like LTE, 3G and signals. That is all. It most likely fixed a issue people had.

I would still install it.
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Re: Nokia 1314 Update available now

So so far, my phone has not gotten inexplicably hot and stopped randomly draining the battery. Back to the normal issues of Rogers not having enough coverage where I work/live but at least my phone is not creating its own heat death because of it any more. 🙂

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Re: Nokia 1314 Update available now

Been on the update for a few weeks. Its fixed the connection problems I was experiencing at work (downtown Toronto)!
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