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No recourse after being given misinformation many times?

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After dropping my phone in the lake last weekend, I immediately went to get a new one. I was out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend, and didn't think for one second that being in a different city would affect my new service contract. I paid off my old contract, upgraded to a new contract and got an iPhone 8 in the store. At no time while in the store was I told that I would henceforth have to deal with that specific location. In fact, the only thing I was told was that if I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 8 plus, I could do that within 15 days, as long as I hadn't gone over 30 minutes of call time. No other stipulations were made, and it doesn't say anything to the contrary in the contract I signed. 


Today, three days later, I decided to upgrade to the 8 plus. I called customer service this morning, and was told 'it should not be a problem, just go to a rogers store'. The agent did not say that she would have to confirm this information; she just said it shouldn't be a problem. At the store, the clerk told me that I would have to return it to the store I bought it from, which is impossible for me. Neither he nor his manager could approve this, so they asked me to call customer service again, which I did. After 20 minutes of being on hold, I was connected to a customer service agent (second of the day!) who told me that it wouldn't' be a problem. He checked the stock in the store and told me my options. He also said if I wanted a different colour he could have it shipped. He was working on what the price difference would be and put me on hold. The call was dropped. He did not call back to the store (the number of which he knew) or to my mobile number, so I called in again. Again I was on hold for a long time, this time about 15 minutes. Initially the customer service agent said 'it should't be a problem' (third of the day! And all these customer service agents were aware that I had bought the new phone out of town!). She did say, in her defence, that she'd have to check. Also, to give credit where due, when the call was dropped again, she called me back immediately. At this point she told me that she would put me through to the buyers remorse department who would help me exchange my phone ("don't worry"), but she had to put me on hold to explain the situation to them first. She came back from the hold and told me it couldn't' happen. I reminded her that she had said it could, but she said she had always told me that she'd have to check (don't they record these calls!? Someone, please check on this!). She was very defensive, probably because I was getting really frustrated at this point. I insisted on speaking to her manager. I was back on hold for another 8 minutes, and then was put through to the manager. I told her my story and she said there was nothing she could do about it. She became very condescending when I repeated that I had been told three times today that it wouldn't be a problem. She insisted there was nothing she could do for me, that she couldn't put me through to anyone else, that she couldn't transfer me back to customer service, that she couldn't try to work anything out with the store I had bought it from, etc., etc. She became quite short and rude with me. Not helpful at all. 


Is there no recourse for this? I purchased this phone under the impression that I could exchange it for a better phone within 15 days, was told by three customer service agents that it wouldn't be a problem, and in the end was told there was no possible way to fix this, and was offered no other solution other than go back to the other city to exchange it. This is the best they can do? We have four mobile contracts, home security, cable, internet, and have been loyal customers for over 13 years, since we moved here from England. Please tell me there is something else I can do.




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Re: No recourse after being given misinformation many times?

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Personally, I would escalate a concern - start at the report a concern on the web site, then escalate.  You will get managment team, and if necessary, move it to the office of the president.  Sounds like you have got yourself caught in the middle of the store, CSR, and management levels, and this is often the point to step away from the front side of the service and move directly to reporting a concern.


You have a number of concerns in your description - miscommunication, perceived rudeness, and lack of clarity on how you go forward.


I would seperate it into two issues - work first with dealing with the problem of the phone and desire to make changes, and discuss options.  But I also wouldn't end with just that, I would speak to the issue of miscommunication, as a customer experience and opportunity for quality service improvement.


Start off the discussion politely, make clear that you are frustrated and need some clarity on next steps as one issue, and that you have a second issue on how you have been treated as a customer - they are two separate service issues.  Find a time when you have lots of time to work fully with it, and reach a resolution. 


Best of luck, I have always had success with bringing my concerns up through the report a concern process, although it can often be a long process.  Keep your details simple and on point to the issue and be clear to clearly express the result you are hoping for.


Good luck on it.



Re: No recourse after being given misinformation many times?

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @1863


Welcome to the Community Forums!


I know staying connected with a device that you desire is important. 


We'd like to turn this experience around for you and look into options for your device.


Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps next time you're online and we can take a look at options for your services.  For more information on our private messaging system, see this page.






Re: No recourse after being given misinformation many times?

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I would agree that Office of the President would be a good approach on this. I have had to deal with them in the 24 years I have been with Rogers and they have taken care of the issues I have faced.

Unfortunately, there will always be times where agents provide incorrect information much to our detriment. This is where customer service should step in and assess the issue and do the right thing for the customer.

The info you need can be found here:

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