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No longer selling 9700?

I've Been Around

I called earlier this week, complaining of on-going problems (granted) with my 9700. After spending several minutes on the phone with a very polite customer service agent. My problem was fixed. But after digging and searching:


I've noticed they no longer sell the 9700, but continue to sell the 9100 pearl, and 9300. Is this from issues regarding the hardware malfunctions that everyone seems to be having? Lack of sales?


Now, I feel trapped. In a 3 year term with a company who doesn't even sell the phone I was sold.


Does anyone have any answers??







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Re: No longer selling 9700?

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

The only reason the BB9700 is not being sold anymore is they brought out the BB9780.


Not much of a difference really

- Bit more RAM and inboard memory

- BT 2.1 support instead of 2.0

and its launched with the Blackberry 6.0 OS


And now the OS 6 software is available for the BB9700 anyways so theres only a couple of very small differences.




PS The BB9700 was released roughly 10 months before the 9100/9300. Its release date lined up with the BB8520.


Re: No longer selling 9700?

I've Been Around

I felt the exact same way. I was even told one time by Rogers technical support that the 9700 was not a good phone! I am still stuck with it and it is still always having problems. Now the thing just shuts off at about 70% battery life and you have to plug it in to make it turn back on. Battery does not seem to be the problem as I installed a good one from another phone.


Lats time I took it to a Rogers store and asked about it or an upgrade I was told that the early upgrade fee would go down every month. well four months after that and now my fee is HIGHER! and still stuck with a cell phone that you have to have pluged in to use.



Any one have any advise how to solve the problem of the phone shutting off? I have tried to reload the sofware dim the screen make sure nothing is left running in the background. It is like the battery is dead but it goes from 70% to 0% instantly. When you plug it in and it boots back up it will be at 70% again right away.


Re: No longer selling 9700?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
The upgrade fee was raised a bit a few months ago. Everyone got affected on this. The amount will be a small amount taken off each month. It will be from $10 - $15 a month depending on what device you have. You can always call & speak to a manager & see what they can do & help you out. When did you buy the 9700?

Also Rogers offers a Out Of Warranty Replacement Handset option in which have a few limited phones in their ( 9700 bold & a few other blackberries) in which will cost from $100 - $300 ( the $300 is the 9800 torch.)

Call in & ask for that. They will give you details about it.
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