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No help from Rogers

I have had a pay-as-you-go phone from Rogers since January, 2011.  For the past two months, my call history shows calls from two offending numbers. The phone never rings, and a voice mail is never left.  I would not know about the calls except for the charges on my call history.  Each call costs me between .40 cents and $1.60, and I get several calls a week from these numbers.  When I call these numbers back, I get a busy signal.  The numbers are so notorious that they show up in internet searches; I am not the only one suffering from these calls.  According to the web information, they are Rogers numbers.


I have had my number registered on the “do not call” list since I received it.  I recently renewed my “do not call” registration.


I have called Rogers three times to ask that the owners of these numbers be charged with violating the “do not call” list and that my phone be blocked from receiving these calls.  Each time I have been told that there is nothing Rogers can do.  Twice I have been given other, incorrect numbers to call to complain.  In 2011 and 2012, I had the phone turned off for more than 6 months.  In that time, my entire $100 balance was used up by calls from these numbers.  I didn’t complain at the time because I didn’t catch it right away. 



Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.


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Re: No help from Rogers

Can anyone provide some words of wisdom here 🙂 ?



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Re: No help from Rogers

Hi, I suggest you migrate to post paid instead of prepaid, the call manager will block these numbers and any other numbers you want to all for just 5 dollar extra on the same monthly plan you have before.


It is a better choice in the long run, I had harrasing calls and even I change my number still there is problem with incoming calls.


Hope it helps.

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Re: No help from Rogers

Yeah.. unfortunately, you will NEVER get away from junk calls, etc.. they often will just have an auto dialer, which dials numbers PERIOD, in sequence... so even changing your number, etc will not get you away from them.

Would be nice, if the block options, were included by default (at least on a monthly plan at min)

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Re: No help from Rogers

Hello bohonghon

If you just got that plans from last 2 years, call manager is included in your plan For free.... if u have a older plan which does not come with call manager, then yes u will have to pay $5 per month for it. You can always call Rogers and ask the manager to waive that fee. It works if u get a nice manager.

Like GDkitty said tho, those calls will never stop even with call manager.