No access to online billing/Terrible customer service

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No access to online billing/Terrible customer service

I recently called to give my 30 days cancellation notice so I can switch to a better provider but this seems to have caused a problem. It seems my online, "My Rogers" account was diccontinued immediately. This means I can no longer track my internet usage or view my bill. With such a low bandwidth cap I require the ability to track my usage so as to not incur any unwanted charges. Without being able to view my e-bill I cannot agree to any charges whatsoever because I cannot assess them. This shines light on a big problem with the service. Obviously my online account should remain open until the complete closure of my account. It should be accessible to me until all debts are paid and all products returned.


To get to the customer service portion of the complaint I initially tried to speak to a representative through the online chat service. I raised my issues and he just kept repeating that he cannot reactivate my online account. I let him know I wasnt looking for a reactivation but that I would just like some sort of resolution to this problem. His response was to promptly disconnect.


Needing an answer I called the help line. I navigated the menus to where I thought I needed to be and proceeded to hold. But instead of being connected to a representative I found myself resent to the first menu you hear upon calling. I kept attempting to get through in this way for about 30 minutes until I decided to just hit 0 several times to request a call back. After about 30 minutes I received a call back. She explained the same thing about not being able to reactivate my account and said my only option to track my usage and billing was to phone them. Every day. For 30 days. I then asked her what my usage was at and she tried to tell me that from Jan 1st to Jan 3rd I had used 51GBs. Which of course is not correct. We had a run around for about 20 minutes with her telling me various things. Such as I have 2 bills remaining including a bill running Dec 8th to Jan 1st and another from Jan 8th to Jan 30th. This would put me in some sort of billing limbo right now. She had to consult with other technicians at the centre and kept telling me different things about my usage and billing. In the end she gave me a sort of arbitrary answer and when I asked if she was sure, assured me she was. When I clarified a moment later she gave me a different answer. As such I cannot take anything she said as factual and will not be agreeing to any claimed overage I incur because of the ambiguity of it all.


If Rogers cant give me a clear answer and I have to put up with this run around I will not be calling to double check. I can also not check for myself because of this premature discontinuation of my online account. As such I will not be paying any purported overages.


I understand this may not be the correct place to post this but seeing as Rogers has no customer support email address I can find no better place. If anyone knows of a Rogers support email address please let me know.


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Re: No access to online billing/Terrible customer service

There is no rogers support email address.  All the support needs to be done via the phone or live chat functions.


This is primarily a usser to user support forum.


This is something that many users have complained about, and many of us have tried to have them change how things work.
Currently, when you have the 30 day notice.. the cut off date, is not up yet.. but the status of the account goes to CANCELED... which is why the online stuff doesnt work anymore.
They need to change it.. so that its in some in-between state.. like 'pending cancel' or whatever that still allows the online stuff to be viewed, until the cut off date.


I would call back and try to escalate it to a manager or retentions.  fight it, and any overage charges, etc, that way.

All i can say, is DONT not pay it.
If you dont pay it.. they can take you to a collections agency, etc... and can ruin your credit rating, etc.

(seen it happen with a friend doing that will bell)


Good luck!