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No Sound from Nextbox 4k

I've Been Around

Ok, so this is a little complicated so I'll be as detailed as possible. We have a Nextbox 4k pvr (even though we don't have a 4k TV). The other day someone accidentally sat on the controller and of course all the lights on the controller lit up. Right after that we lost all sound on the TV. I checked all the channels, but no sound. We checked the settings under the menu to see if we reset something, but everything looked normal. I tried watching a show we had taped, but still no sound. However, I put on Netflix through a fire stick that I have and there was sound, so this indicated to me that it's not the TV, but the PVR. I tried rebooting the PVR, still no sound. I disconnected cables etc, but no sound. I chatted with technical support, but after trying the same things I did they wanted to send a technician to check the connections...what I neglected to say was that we had a technician come out about 4 days prior because my original PVR died. The technician couldn't find any issues with the transmission, but changed the NextBox (to the current one I'm having no sound with now). But here is the weird thing about this box I have now (the one with the sound issues). In the morning I turned on the TV and miraculously there is sound. It gets weirder. That night the sound went out again (around the same time the sound when out the night before). I tried everything again, but no sound. Hold on now, this morning when we woke, there was sound again, and the stuff that was taping that night also had sound. I almost want to think that there is some setting that is automatically muting the sound every night, almost like a sleep function...but I can't figure anything out. I believe it has something to do with the controller lighting up when accidentally sat on. I haven't tried a factory reset yet. Anybody have suggestions? Could it be a messed up controller? I don't really want to trek back to Rogers and wait in line for another PVR if it's some obscure control setting that got messed up.



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Re: No Sound from Nextbox 4k

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

1. Is the CBL light on the remote at the top right lighting up when you press the volume buttons?  Press the CBL button.

2. Do you have another Rogers remote you can try?  Does that one work?

3. It's possible that the remote was damaged when sat on, so the volume buttons don't work?  Perhaps a cracked circuit board?

4. Have you tried using the TV remote to control the sound?  I assume you're controlling the sound on a TV and not a separate AV Receiver or sound bar.

5. Have you tried the mute button several times on the Rogers remote?

6. When you press the volume/mute buttons on the Rogers remote, does the "TV" light at the top of the remote come on?



Re: No Sound from Nextbox 4k

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi there,
I’ve tried about everything to get the audio working and am still not getting any sounds. 4K PVR into the LG via HDMI cable. Have fooled around with the tv audio settings and the Rogers box audio settings. Tried rebooting the Rogers box, swapping HDMI inputs and HDLI cables and no luck. The audio was working on my old 1080p LED and as soon as I put it into the LG CX the audio problem began. I’m sure it has something to do with the settings but can’t figure it out. Does anyone have this same setup and has figured out how to get the audio out of the tv’s internal speakers?


Re: No Sound from Nextbox 4k

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Buianatalia : Here are my comments.


1. You are not alone. Here's a previous thread on issues with the 4K Nextbox and an LG TV.


2. Another person over on the Digital Home website also had issues with an LG TV.


3. Try setting the audio output on the Nextbox to "Other", not DD.  There are other things you can try as outlined in the link above, however, that doesn't guarantee that you'll solve the problem.


4. Make sure your firmware on the TV is up to date and that you have disabled HDMI-CEC.


5. The problem may have come about due to an incompatibility between the Rogers firmware and LG firmware.


6. Do you have another Nextbox in the home you can connect to the TV to see if that works. If so, perhaps you can run with an HD instead of 4K Nextbox since there is so little 4K material available anyway.

Re: No Sound from Nextbox 4k

I've Been Here Awhile
Appreciate the feedback. I’ll give the thread above a read and see if that solves anything. 4K box works on 1080p toshiba and Samsung. 1080p box works on LG so it’s definitely something about the handshake of LG and the 4K box. It also has a pink hue washing over the feed. I temporarily fixed that but with all the trial and error of swapping back and forth the pink is back and I can’t get rid of it this time. Frustrating as I just bought the 4K box Second hand and seemingly is Now an ugly paperweight. Understanding there’s limited 4K content, I was really excited for hockey and had my fingers crossed for a 4K super bowl feed. Things could be worse I suppose. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond and share the above links.
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