'No SIM Card'

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Re: 'No SIM Card'

For anyone else who may stumble into here, be warned, in the past 11 months, Rogers has sent me 3 (yes THREE) HTC devices, every device has had an issue

HTC M8 (original phone) - SIM issues after 4 months of normal use (put up with it for a few months as it was a rare occurrence)
HTC M8 (2nd phone) - SIM issues as soon as I got it.
HTC M8 (3rd phone) - SIM issues 2 months in
HTC M9 (4th phone) - Vibration motor died on the 4th week.

Every single phone but my 1st phone was a 'refurbished' '100% tested and working' device.

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Re: 'No SIM Card'

Hello @sean_chiarot

Oh no that's no good at all :(.. I remember my old HTC One M7 had that but interesting that my iPhone 6 Plus and Blackberry Curve had those issues. Hmm technology I tell you.

Hopefully HTC gets their act together.