No Caller ID option available in individual Add ons?

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No Caller ID option available in individual Add ons?

i am looking to add Caller ID to my existing plan, which i have had for quite awhile now, and i have looked everywhere online but cannot seem to locate how i can do this.  


I have already checked the individual add-ons and it only shows 4 options for visual voicemail and voicemail to text, none mention Caller ID at all.  Old post on here that come in the search say it should be an option in the value pack add ons bundled with voice mail, but those are over a year old and clearly are not accurate as i can't find it. 


Is this even an option anymore or can I add it somehow?




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Re: No Caller ID option available in individual Add ons?

Your not seeing it online.. as those generally are mostly addons, at least in the forms of VM and CID stuff.. for the new plans only.

Plans that were added or changed to, after a certain date, they all INCLUDE CID now.  Older grandfathered ones dont. (but most of the newer plans are generally more $, so while 'included' your still paying for it).


You should be able to add it no problem to the account, you would just have to call in to have them add it for you though.