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No Activation Code = Available


No Activation Code = Available


For some time my Rogers Cable Box  = Explorer 3250HD, is acting up.

It keeps turning "off" and rebooting, without any success.

Re-booting on it's own, takes a very long time.

After me disconnecting the main power supply, I will be able to get the unit to finally work.


Though our funds are a little tight, my wife still gave me a new Rogers Cable Box

= Explorer 4642HD, for Christmas.


I disconnected all of my cables from the old cable box and re-connected everything to the new cable box.

To activate the new cable box, I phoned :

        1  877  236  -  7208   (Sat. Dec. 25 / 2010  @ 2:00 PM).


Rogers Reply, by phone:

Sorry, but this being the holiday season, we are presently  -->  " CLOSED ".






-  Should Rogers Communications be  "Closed" on a holiday ?


-  Should Rogers Communications be available 24/7, all year round ?


-  How many other individuals went through the time and trouble connecting their Christmas gift, a Rogers Cable Box,

    only to find out that Rogers Cable -->  " CLOSED " ?




Conclusion:  (Cable TV)


This is what happens when there is "no  competition".

For this province of Ontario, having a single cable company, a monopoly,

-   "Closed"  on a holiday.


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Re: No Activation Code = Available

question for you:  Do you enjoy being home on the holiday?  so let the employees enjoy their day off too.