Nexus S (no data)

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Nexus S (no data)

I bought an unlocked Galaxy Nexus s and I put in my SIM card and everything work as it should, except for one exception.


I am on a plan that consists of. 150 minutes, No Data, unlimited text/picture and free after 6pm


On my old phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia X10). I used to be able to recieve pictures with absolutley no problem. I would send it away, and that was it. 


On this Nexus S however, I contacted Rogers and they said that I must have the Mobile Data switch on to send and recieve pictures. I tried it that way and it works fine and as it did on my Xperia X10. 


But how come on my Xperia X10 I did not have to have the Mobile Data switch, over to the on position? Mean while it would send SMS and MMS (picture messages) just fine?



I am scared that I am collecting fee's for Data, when that is not a part of my original Rogers plan? 


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Re: Nexus S (no data)

Hello Ironheart

The Xperia X10 was not a smartphone like the Nexus S was. Also can you check the APNS to see if you have the correct settings to see maybe the setting is missing.