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Nexus 7 LTE - SMS Text Messages? Any options?

I've Been Around

I bought a new SIM for my Nexus 7 LTE 2013 and everything is fine. Except over the last few days I have received SMS/Text notfications about my ScotiaBank Interact transactions. Unforuntately, i have no Scotiabank account.


The phone number linked to the SIM is obviously recycled (no problem) but receiving these text messages is annoying (about a dozen so far, mostly in the early morning). I called Scotiabank and they said I have to respond to message with STOP but I can't do this...


As a quick test I installed a Go SMS Pro... this allows me to send OUT SMS from my Nexus but responding to my iPhone does not appear to work (not received on my Nexus which is odd)... Maybe there is a peering agreement for SMS with Scotia's SMS provider?


Any suggestions on how to get bidirectional SMS working on Nexus 7 LTE? 


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Re: Nexus 7 LTE - SMS Text Messages? Any options?

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Do you not have a phone you can temporarily put the SIM in to and send the STOP sms?

Re: Nexus 7 LTE - SMS Text Messages? Any options?

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I don't know how to fix your problem, but you can disable the notifications on the Messaging app.


To do this you can go into settings withing the Messaging app and disable Notifications

Alternatively, you can also Blacklist the phone number, in the Settings scroll all the way down to find Blacklist.

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