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Nexus 4

I've Been Here Awhile

I have a Prepaid plan which I have been using for years with an older style phone.


Is it possible to use a Nexus 4 smartphone with Rogers data plan? I realize the N4 does not support LTE but I found 3G and HSPA fast enough for my purposes using the phone on T-Mobile in the US


I notice Rogers has several micro sims one is called LTE micro-SIM and the other Pre-Activated Micro. I would assume the sim I would need is the LTE micro-SIM


Does the Rogers sim set up the phone APN info as the T- Mobile sim does or would it need to be manually placed in settings?


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Re: Nexus 4

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello goldberry

Yes it does. The Nexus 4 can be used on any carrier such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido & ect.

Even if you buy a LTE micro sim & activate it on your account, it will still work on all networks Rogers offers on the Nexus 4.

Once you insert the sim card, it should automatically do the APN settings it self.

If not, try this one:

APN - ltemobile.apn
Proxy - <not set>
Port - <not set>
Username- <Not set>
Passwors - <not set>
Server < not set>
MMS - proxy
MMS - Port 80
MMS protocol - Wap 2.0
MCC - 302
MNC - 720
Aythentication type - < not set>
APN type - either "*" or "internet + mms" Should work

Re: Nexus 4

I've Been Here Awhile

Re: Nexus 4

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello goldberry

You are welcome!
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