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Nextbox version speed comparisons

I Plan to Stick Around


People are mentioning how the Nextbox 2.0 is slow comparred to the 3.0. I currently have a 1.0 (no PVR) and was wondering if there's any difference in speed between the 1.0 and 2.0.  I'm looking to upgrade for the PVR feature, but I'm hessitant to get a 3.0 seeing how buggy it is.



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Re: Nextbox version speed comparisons

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

as in 1.0.. which exact model?

if you are talking the 4642 HD box.. then generally it runs the same, at least in terms of software, same softare, menu's etc.

IF you are on an older box.. its the old style guide, and fairly different.


Comparing the nextbox2 and nextbox 3.


Problems with the 3.0:
BIGEST issue with it, is the audio drops from 5.1 DD to PCM 2.0.
IF you are not running it through a surround sound system, these changes may not at all be noticable to you (plus there are settings to change to PCM from the start, etc).

Only other major one, i would say is the HDMI CEC.  If you use the auto input switching via using CEC, etc.. then it may be a pain for you.

Problems with the 2.0:
Slow.  Almost to the painful point.
Sometimes, even just a thing such as a channel change, entering in the numbers.. can take 1-3 seconds for them to appear, same with some other key presses sometimes.

(compared to pretty much instant on the 3.0)
Slower to reboot, slower to start playback, etc.


Really, it comes down to your setup, etc.. and which might be the BIGGER annoyance.
If you are in a setup where you are not using a surround sound, etc.. the 3.0 is likely the much better choice.

Re: Nextbox version speed comparisons

I Plan to Stick Around

Yes, I'm refering to the 4642 HD box as the 1.0.  I was under the impression that the older ones weren't called Nextbox because they can't run the Nextbox software.  So there's no difference in speed in the 1.0 and the 2.0?  I'm used to the 1.0 being a bit slow, especially in the menu for On Demand.


I'm not familiar with what CEC is.  My current audio setup has the box going into the TV and then the TV outputs to my soundbar.  Both are HDMI, however my TV does not output DD sound to my soundbar.  I could connect the box directly to the soundbar for DD, but it's just easier to manage all the devices I have currently hooked up to the TV the way it is.


So are you saying that the no audio problem is caused only by PCM outputting to a 5.1 DD device and that it won't happen if it's reading PCM from the get go?

Re: Nextbox version speed comparisons

The nexbox 2.0 pvr, is SLOWER than the 4642 HD box.. much slower.


In your setup, the CEC shouldnt be an issue from the sounds of it.. worse case you can turn it off on the TV.

If your TV is not outputing DD to the soundbar in that setup, you should be fine.
Especially then, you can just make one setting in the PVR audio setup, to force it to PCM.. will be outputing that anyways, etc.



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