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Nextbox problem

I Plan to Stick Around

Just bought a 8642 nextbox pvr on the weekend at bestbuy. I'm about to return it as it keeps turning off and on and then I get a spinning snake thing on the box non stop. I then have to unplug and plug in until it boots sometimes its ok sometimes problem comes back sometimes the screen is double vision.


Anyone else have issues here? I couldn't find anything here but I did on various sites. I have an older 8642 pvr thats been mostly problem free for the past year.



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Re: Nextbox problem

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Hello Puzuma.

The reboots are normal. They happen becuase Rogers updates the Guide & the box with features & new channes & also fixes on other thingsThis happens at 2am because of the  system maintenance. This can NOT be changed at all. This is something we all have to face. The box only reboots once a day which is at night. It takes a few minutes & then goes back to normal. Sometimes it may take 10 minutes depending on what is being added / installed. This is something Rogers will never change or take down.

Here are other threads about it.

There is more threads / posts about this but if you want,  you can use the search feature on the top right hand side & find them as well.

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Re: Nextbox problem

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The booting and rebooting is normal at first. The box is downloading and installing the Nextbox software and the new IPG. You should not touch the box until the loading bar which you see at the bottom of your TV screen goes away. If this initial install was interrupted then you may want to reboot the box again and don't touch it for about an hour after you see the spinning snake as you call it. If that doesn't work just exchange your box and make sure the initial install is uninturrpted.

Re: Nextbox problem

I've Been Here Awhile

Stay with your old system at all costs. This new system is a nightmare of bad design decisions and manufacturing mistakes.

Re: Nextbox problem

@BooksAboutMovie wrote:

Stay with your old system at all costs. This new system is a nightmare of bad design decisions and manufacturing mistakes.

Which is one opinion on it.  While there are some bugs in it (I can list 5-6 that STILL exist in the OLD IPG), there are others that do like the majority of it.. it can be changed an improved on as time goes on, and it may eventualy be the only choice.

As for the OP's problem.  If its not at the most NEWEST version of the IPG, as someone else posted, it may take a few reboots to update itself fully to the latest update. (think of them, kinda like windows updates).

Also, are you replacing an older model box? (older model completely, not just different IPG)?  The newer boxes, are alot more sensitive to a slightly weaker signal.. while it may have been fine on an older box, might not be on the newer one.  A call to have a technician come out, they can check everything, install a booster if needed, etc.

Re: Nextbox problem

I Plan to Stick Around

I already have a hd pvr and I just bought this one (didn't even realize it was a nextbox) to replace a standard box. I'm not sure what IPG acronym stands for (something programming guide?). I don't know how to check what version of anything I have. I bought it a week ago some I'm guessing I have the latest but don't know. I'm going to give it a week and if it doesn't improve I'm returning it.


 I can also say that amazingly there was a power outage exactly when I plugged it in for the first time and it started downloading whatever it downloads when you first plug it in. Power came on seconds later and it started to count down I believe and seemed to do it's thing and everything seemed fine BUT now I have these off and on problems and then it shuts off and does that spiral think on the box. I simply wanted another hd pvr like I have in the living room for my bedroom but if this thing is still in some sort of "beta" form I'm not interested. Hope its just a clumsy update of some sort.