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Nextbox problem

I Plan to Stick Around

Just bought a 8642 nextbox pvr on the weekend at bestbuy. I'm about to return it as it keeps turning off and on and then I get a spinning snake thing on the box non stop. I then have to unplug and plug in until it boots sometimes its ok sometimes problem comes back sometimes the screen is double vision.


Anyone else have issues here? I couldn't find anything here but I did on various sites. I have an older 8642 pvr thats been mostly problem free for the past year.


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Re: Nextbox problem

Yes, all in all, the HDMI cable will give you slightly better picture compared to the two ways.

I was only sugesting it, for testing purposes.  THough it appears the BOX is fine, since it was going ok with the component.


I would recomend trying to swap that HDMI cable.  One of the HD boxes (non pvr) i had, had off and on issues with the HDMI port.. i just went to component on that TV period (as the TV itself, was only 720p).



Re: Nextbox problem

I'm a Trusted Contributor

@mousetamer wrote:
Component is analog, HDMI is digital. With component, the HD box has to convert the digital signal it receives back down to analog. Your TV then has to convert it back to digital and display it. HDMI is a straight digital connection, which means there is no conversion out of the HD box to the TV. The end result is better, sharper picture. We used to demo this where I work with a single box hooked up to 2 identical TVs. The component TV didnt look as sharp on things like text, the Rogers guide, and also had a lot more macro blocking compared to the one with HDMI.
HDMI also carries audio btw, while component requires a separate audio connection. Then there is the WAF side of it . 1 cable vs 5.

Thanks.  I was just asking because I belive our box is hooked up with the Component cables.  For now everything is working well and is satisfactorily,  I will just leave it that way.  Dont want to tempt fate. Smiley LOL

Re: Nextbox problem

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@jays77 wrote:

Thanks.  I was just asking because I belive our box is hooked up with the Component cables.  For now everything is working well and is satisfactorily,  I will just leave it that way.  Dont want to tempt fate. Smiley LOL

With these boxes.. its probably a good idea 😛


Depending on the TV, you may not notice any of the things that Mousetamer mentioned.

And in the end.. weither through HDMI or component, the box is outputing 1080i either way.. so its not like you would be getting 1080p or anything from HDMI.



Re: Nextbox problem

I've Been Here Awhile

Just going to add here as well,  If any rogers employees read this ever,  that these nextbox's are complete crap,  Its now 2:56 am and Ive been unable to watch TV for an hour, it constantly gets stuck on the loading bar,  or on the dnld or whatever,  It will NOT respond to the remote,  to buttons on the unit, nothing works unless you unplug it and let it go again.


What could POSSIBLY require updates this often with no apparent improvement to the unit or the service it provides?

I personally cannot wait till my agreement with this Nextbox DIAMOND package to expire,  Ill be dropping this poop faster than a red hot rivet.


Ive heard some people say they have had little or no issues with them,  but if youre a late night TV viewer,  or a timeshifter, go with another television provider.

Re: Nextbox problem


One option you do have, at least for the time being... if you are NOT using things like the whole home PVR function, etc... is that on the nextbox, you can have them downgrade it to the OLD guide.

This guide, is a much lower resolution one, but it responds much faster.  As well, it doesnt have the same reboots as the newer guide does.


This may help you, at least in the mean time.

(just not, if you have the PVR, it WILL erase all recordings when going back to the old guide)

Re: Nextbox problem

I'm a Reliable Contributor

@Stockade wrote: agreement with this Nextbox DIAMOND package to expire

GD, I think the Diamond package was a whole home pvr setup... Not sure if Stockade is utilizing the whole home service, but knowing Rogers, in order for him to downgrade, it would probably mean opting OUT of the Diamond package, which means he will have to give up any promotional offers they gave him, and he would likely have to go with another package, and chances are ANY new package he goes with will be more expensive than the current package he's on... so it turns out to be a lose-lose situation for him.  Smiley Mad

Re: Nextbox problem

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
I wouldn't think so. The package, while it may have included that setup for the whole home to begin with, shoulddnt mean that its necessary. Likely the plans are only for a term, possibly have to keep x many boxes, etc, but the guide on them shouldn't matter.

But at min it would be worth a call to inquire 🙂

Re: Nextbox problem

Well...its July 2013....We are on our second Netbox...Rogers keeps telling us it only reboots at 2am....its now 10:45pm and we have been watching it reboot for 45 mins.  We were told not to unplug it and to leave it alone....I think 45 mins and 5 loops is enough.... we are unplugging it....


We have had the lines to the house redone, outside box redone, splitters redone, we upgraded at a cost, had dedicated internet line brought in, upgraded internet modem....  When does it stop??  all these upgrades out of our pocket...half days off work to have someone show up over and over.....hundreds of dollars a month to see a red loading progress bar or text that reads this channel is temporarily unavailable.


More and more friends are saying they quit...went to Apple TV, or netflix and just gave up with the TV...books, computers ....and once they quit they realized the money going back into their pocket.  What are we paying for?  If someone was giving me over $3000 a year for service I was providing to masses, I would want to make sure it worked. How about less focus on high speed and provide quality service to all the products you offer. 

Re: Nextbox problem

Well....11:04.... finally rebooted after unplugging....most channels black....all our recordings and schedules are gone...all of them.

OMG this is NUTS.  Can we take THIS box back and insist we dont get another REFURBISHED BOX.... I'm at a loss.

I know the wife and kids want to stick it out but I'm honestly sooo done with this.  Easily over a year of trying to make this work.

Re: Nextbox problem

I've Been Here Awhile

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, but not to Rogers. I've been consistently dealing with these same problems with them for over 1 year now and want  you to know that this is a constant issue.


We have been living in our apartment complex since April 2012 and have had up to 7 new boxes, the extrior lines redone, had at least 2 regular techs come in, had a Senior tech come in and we are STILL having issues with the Nextbox.


At first, we were missing HD channels, to which we learned that because of the lobby cam in our building (which never worked until now) was effecting the signal of 3-4 channels. I had to call and complain but since Rogers could do nothing directly about it other than "mention" that it was a problem with the building and they reduced the cost of our cable. That was our first 3-4 explorer boxes.


From there, we got fed up and decided to move to the Nextbox. THAT'S when the real trouble started. We were told getting the Nextbox would solve those issues and get those channels because of the HD content. That was a load of BS since to this day we are still missing those channels. From there, the issuses started flowing in.

My girlfriend has bad depression and insomnia, so often, she is up in the early hours of the morning watching cable, when the Nextbox reboots at 2am. Every single night, from 2-3am she just sits there frustrated at a box that won't reboot. We called and complained but we were told it was normal. Turns out it is NOT normal for the box to be doing that. It was understandable that the box needed to download new software, but it isn't supposed to go every single night. Even when it is supposed to go, the reboot process should have only taken 20-30 minutes. But we were stuck without it for hours. Hours of timeshifted recording ruined, every single night. Those problems soon escallated to not only recordings being ruined at night, but also durring primetime hours (7-9pm)


Because of all the failed recordings, our guide/list would either show empty folders or missing slots. Not only did we have to watch the box reboot every night, but we also had to manually reboot it on a daily basis, often 2-3 times a day. Often times the guide would become completely unuseable and we couldn't even do the manual reboots anymore with the remote. It was impossible for us to deal with this problem any longer, and we had the Senior tech come in to diagnose everything.


The tech was a great guy and he explained that our signal strength was fine and the box shouldn't be doing what it was doing. We spent at least 2 hours trying to sit and problem solve everything. He replaced our box and left his number in case we had any other problems. We haven't called him since because the main issues we had were mostly resolved, but that didn't stop the new box from not working.


The resets on the new box were minimal, but still happened at 2am in the morning. Thursdays are probably the worst for it, since the box would become unuseable for an hour or so. The guide still fails at times, but not as bad as our older model, until about a week ago (July 15) when from 8pm -6am our entire box became pixelated on every single channel, with NO audio, NO control of the remote and reboots couldn't even change that. All of this happened RIGHT AFTER I had called Rogers tech support to deal with a remote issue. 

It was unacceptable that we had to deal with this problem so I phoned Customer Service to deal with it. Because not only was my box not working, but I also ended up with 13GB overage on my internet bandwidth. A problem I had NEVER had before since i use under 120GB of my current package. Most of the time, because the cable service not working, I had to download all of the shows I missed because the PVR messed them up, but never have I ever had my bandwidth go over by that much. The worst part about it, was that at some point, my 75% notice had been opped out of, so I got the notice that I was at 100% and 13GB over.


I'm getting really tired of the services I'm paying for and not getting. Now, my cable/internet have been cut by 30% with no rental on my modem and increased bandwidth from 120GB to 150GB, but I still had to pay overage. My bill is going to be less next month, but that doesn't mean that my Nextbox is going to work any better.


Nextbox is going to constantly have issues, and will never be as good as they say it will be. Not as long as they don't test what is being put out. Not as long as tech support keeps saying "switch your box".


Even the senior techs know the Nextbox is a problem, and they have to deal with it on a daily basis. You hear that Rogers? YOUR TECHS KNOW IT IS A PROBLEM! So why are you still putting out garbage for everyone to just consume?



Re: Nextbox problem

I Plan to Stick Around

The remote registering "a hundred presses" can be caused by interference in the room between the remote and the cable box. I've had it happen to me and it was being caused by the TV; more specifically the TV's "eco settings" You know the little setting that automatically adjusts the brightness of your tv depending on ambient light in the room to try to conserve power; it can surprisingly do funky things.


For me it was with a Samsung TV - if I had the "eco option' as samsung calls it set above Low it would cause the same issue. I just turned the feature off (alternatively set to Low) and its not a problem. See if your TV has a similar option; automatic adjustment they usually label it as eco something and turn it off. Test and try again. 



Re: Nextbox problem

I'm Here A Lot

I noticed yesterday when changing channels the info bar that displays at the bottom is not appearing. I can bring it up with the OK/Select button. Plus channels seem more laggy than usual with longer pauses. Anyone else seeing this? Thanks.

Re: Nextbox problem

Got my problem solved the channel banner was turn off just had to turn it back on. Updates tend to be buggy and can adjust things. Channel lag is on their end will be resolved in so many hours.

Re: Nextbox problem

I Plan to Stick Around

Sstacey and pikeface, and everyone else having these problems I feel for you. We have lots of problems in the Atlantic with service problems but perhaps one advantage to having different/ old technology is that we have the old guide and don't have a lot of these problems. Of course we don't have AMCHD (I had to) and our Rogers on Demand is pathetic, but we don't to my knowledge have these PVR issues.


Those are some pretty powerful posts you have composed, Rogers should be taking notice. But will they?

I'm NOT a Rogers employee; I was a satisfied customer, but not anymore.

Re: Nextbox problem

I've Been Around

We just got a netbox yesterday, first one returned as we now have no signal, 2nd one same problem. Tech person to show up tomorrow.. Wish I had read the forums before I went down this slippery road.

Re: Nextbox problem

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The TV is showing no signal? Or you are getting the box to start up.. just no channels, etc?

Did you have a previous box there before?

The nexbox series of boxes, seem to be alot more pickey about signal strength.. if you didnt have a box there before, it may be a very weak signal.


Hopefully the tech will be able to sort it out for you.

Re: Nextbox problem

I've Been Around

Hi all, These NextBoxes are garbage. they have so many problems it is rediculace. Rogers put these things out before they properly tested them and are now charging its customers $25 or more a month. I read this by a Mskitty or something like that. and I am sorry but you really do not know what you are taking about. These boxes have so many glitchis its crazy. Rogers should be ashamed at putting such an inferior product out like this. The technician that brought out the second (not properly fuctioning) Next box said that it was so far ahead of anything in the USA, I think he must have been drinking, because this this is so bad. Rogers gouges people all the time and we are use to it, but paying for such garbage as the next box takes the cake.

Would love to see people boycott Rogers and show them we are tied of the games and being gouged at every turn.



Re: Nextbox problem

He wasnt completely incorrect.

HARDWARE wise, the nextbox 3 is one of the top hardware spec wise ones.

Almost ALL the problems that are with them, stem from the custom rogers software on it.


Its all hit and miss it seems. 

I have had the box, almost since release.  I have only ever had ONE problem to date, a random reboot tonight actually.  Box has been fine otherwise.
Obviously others havent been so lucky.


All in all, generally i have seen LESS issues with the current 3, than with the 2, which had many more GLOBAL issues which effected all users.


Everyone has to make the choice.. if you dont like the service, then leave and go to another company.  Hopefully you dont experience the same sot of things with the other companies (cuz unfortunately, they ALL seem to do it)

Re: Nextbox problem

I Plan to Stick Around

a year and several months later and things arenot ANY better.

nextbox is slow seconds forremotepressesto register

a guide that is unreadable

2 am reboots everyday - i suspect rogers is upload our usage no hardware requires updatesthat often.

i work late and watchtv at 2am why can't itbe selective.

not even microsoft needs updatesmore than weekky!!!


Rogers is on my speed-dial i call them so many times for problems with cable, internet, wireless AND home phone.



their suggestion- upgrade.

oh and the comment of leave them? Bell is notmuch better  too bad the old 10 foot dishes are gone-that was great service.


we in Canada need real competition 4-5 different vendors. not the crap speil by the current monopolists calling it unfair.


For $500per month rogers gets more than my mortgagecompany. Andwecannot withhold payment for bad service.


enough venting. just get someone to make itgood.

Re: Nextbox problem

I'm Here A Lot

Have had the Nextbox 3.0 for over a month after exchanging the horrible 2.0 box and the only problem I am having is that when using PIP and Swap a few times the box will reboot.  


It also freezes and reboots around 2am every night apparently to do uploads.


The slow-mo does not allow step-by-step and the fast-forward has too many clicks to get faster enough. Rogers probably does not want us to skip commercials.


Don't like the fact that you can't flip from live TV to a recording with previous channel button anymore but can live with that.


The only other minor issue is that there is no place to see what Reminders you have set or manually Edit them like was the case with the old Scientifc silver boxes.

Re: Nextbox problem

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello jdoreg0

Weird i have 2 NextBox 3.0's in my house & yet none of them are having issues like this nor do they update every night. Once or twice a week yes but not every single night like the Nexbox 2.0 used to do.