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Re: Nextbox problem

Upsdriver, he already had the newer box, just did the software update on it. The box, while not good compared to some of the newer offerings elsewhere, for some is made worse by the new guide.
(Personally I don't notice the slower speed as much anymore, but I don't change channels a lot)

You can have the box reverted to the old guide if you call in. The only reason at least currently to have the new guide is if you are doing the whole home pvr, etc.

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Re: Nextbox problem

Well, after a frustrating several months of trying to put up with the Crapbox (And the useless tech support) I finally found some answers here. 

I tried today to call in and have the old guide restored. 


The verdict? THEY CAN'T DO IT!


They said maybe at one time they could... but they can't any more. They tried and got errors. 


So I'm screwed. (Also, the rep told me their product is not faulty - just because I don't like the changes doesn't mean the product isn't working properly. And, also, that "anyone who reverted to the old guide has changed it back to the new one because it's so much better anyway, so don't listen to them."


I immediately asked for retentions and started having a breakdown. I swear -- I was minutes away from flinging this thing through the window of the head office building I live across from. At least I got 30% off my services for a year, and a free PVR rental... I own this Crapbox outright (bought new in the summer, activated in November.) But if a rental will work better I'll use that one. And if I can manage to find one of the old boxes to rent, I'll hunt one down. 


I'm a little less upset now. Still don't have a working program guide though.


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Resident Expert
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Re: Nextbox problem

If they CANT... its a very new change.

It might be worth, still after all that, to try another tech.. may have had one that was wrong (which is 100% possible)


Now, they are right in some ways.  Layout, etc, even the addition/removal of some things, that we liked/didnt like.. yes 'technialy' is no that its not working.. its just a change in HOW it works.  That the majority dont like it, still doesnt mean its not working.

I see that this is your first post.. so you havent asked here before.

What was your exact issue that you are having? "Still don't have a working program guide though" what is not working on the guide or what are you trying to do?

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Re: Nextbox problem

LOL - I suppose I should have been a bit more specific. 


Ever since activating this in November I've had issues. It worked fine with the old guide (that they are now saying never existed on this store-bought PVR.) But after the first software update to the new bells and whistles it's been a problem. 


Every press of the remote button registers hundreds of times. Numbers, guide, power buttons etc. Pressing the channel up/down on the PVR does the same thing... it flies through a hundred channels before it stops. The only way to stop it is to unplug it. It will work fine for hours at a time, then as soon as the new downloads are done it goes into stupid mode again. It happens in the morning, afternoon, evenings -- sometimes randomly, sometimes at predictable times. Restarting or rebooting sometimes works. It is no different if we leave it running 24/7 or if we shut it down every day. 


Besides that, the recorded list shows some of the recordings, some times. If you try to scroll through the list and hit an empty spot where there should be a recording, your little indicator bar (the red highlight bar) disappears and you can't scroll in either direction any more. 


For the past month I've been surfing the solutions and forums about this, and seeing it is a regular occurence for many. I installed the Rogers app on my iPhone and iPad, and until 2 days ago one of those would work (usually only one... if the iPad doesn't work, the iPhone usually does and vice versa) to use the remote function, so I can actually watch TV. Kinda sucks for my husband when I'm not here though. He's even more pissed than I am at this machine. The bonus is that after using the iPhone app for a few minutes, the remote would start working again. It also would start after calling tech support and they re-authorized the box, or fidgeted with something on their end. They always end the calls with "it seems to be a software issue" (duh) and a promise to submit a ticket for the software guys, who are supposed to call me back. (I've never been called back to this day!)... after 45 minutes of d*cking around with tech support, I get to watch TV for another half hour before problems happen again. 


Luckily, most of our favorite shows are programmed to record. So when they do actually record, we can watch them when the remote works. Otherwise, we get stuck with channel 222 most of the time (or 333, or 444 -- whatever number button we try to press first.)


I'm certain it's software and not hardware. Hardware wouldn't work  some of the time and not others, and most certainly not at predictable times of the day or night. 


One tech support suggested I warranty the box. But I've read that others tried that and the next one had the same exact issues. Another tech support said it's a waste of time to warranty it, because it's software issue. I paid $500 for this box so I could save rental fees every month (the old box with the old guide worked just fine.) I'm loathe to submit it for warranty and receive a used, refurbished box in exchange for this brand new one. If they want it back, give me my $500 back. 


Also, the search function hasn't worked since the day I got it. And the response time for the buttons when it does work is sluggish and slow. If I FF through a commercial on a recorded program the remote stops responding during the commercial, and I end up FFing all the way through the show -- with the only option at the end of that is to "play" from the start again. Of course, that's all contingent on the PVR recording the shows it says it's going to record when it says it will. Luckily we've been pretty constant since Christmas with things not disappearing. 


So no -- it's not just dissatisfaction with changes. It is faulty software and programming on a POS machine that's not worth the money I paid for it, or pay every month for service. As much as I LOATHE Bell, they're starting to look more appealling. Or moving to a building with a south-facing balcony so I can get a satellite again sounds good right about now too. 

I'm going to try again tomorrow night to call tech support. I just don't have the energy again tonight. I'm hoping someone will figure out how to fix this. (And I want to talk to tech support. The first one I spoke to barely understood me -- it took 5 attempts for her to get my name right and establish that I'm the account holder -- and tried to talk me through fixing my Sony TV, because that was the problem. Then she transferred me to a CSR who was a complete d*ck... insulting and patronizing and plain nasty. I know I was upset by that time too, but I didn't start to lose it until he starting crapping on me verbally, and denying there was an issue at all.) In my experience, I get better tech support results at 3 a.m. I think the graveyard shift guys know a lot more what's going on. 

Can't wait until next week, when I call again to complain about the lack of service on the wireless hotspot. Only able to connect randomly for 5 minutes at a time before being booted... 

I've been with this company for the past 7 years. I've experienced a slide in service, customer service and every aspect of my account over the past 3. Thank god nothing's under contract. And if anything is (like the hotspot) they can take me to small claims court, where I'll play the recordings of all of my CSR calls for the judge. 

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Nextbox problem

Oh -- and after the fiddling around with it (and rebooting it), and them getting error messages, I lost the guide completely. Like completely. I had to unplug and reboot three times before it finally loaded again. Before that I had nothing on any channel except the one I'd been on when it first shut down. And nothing when I pressed guide/settings. 


I finally got it back after an hour.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Nextbox problem

While this may not help, I will post my findings on some of your issues I have seen over time.

I seem to be one of the few lucky ones, weither just the right hardware+software combo, have had the box since before the next box release and got the software update first day available.

As you said, some people have had this issue of repeating button presses, even after switching boxes/remotes. These boxes the IR seems very sensitive, the angle of pick up is varry narrow compared to older ones , and glass cabinets especially dark glass has done this before. But not in all cases.

I have has the blank spot come up once or twice, this is a bug. A reboot usually will clear this.

The loss of the guide, and the search not working is an odd one. While slow, the search has always worked here. To me almost sounds like its not getting the right data. That could be signal (have you had that checked? Thae boxes are more signal sensitive period).

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Re: Nextbox problem

While there are many post regarding problems, I need to vent my own.  I don't think they are an issue anyone here can help with.  they are not the horrible failures I've read about from other customer.  I think everything is working "right". I'm just dissapointed with "right".


My old PVR broke down earlier this week. 

As is was a rental, I took it in and swapped it at the Rogers store.

They gave me a nextbox.

I was excited, as I thought is was an upgrade.

It was not.


The old box could:

Do slow motion/frame advance, once pause.

When playing a recording, once finished it went to a non channel-Then asked what I want to do?

The guide was inutitive and showed (I think) 4 half hour blocks of info, and showed wheter a program started earlier than what was showing on the screen.

There was (almost) never any lag-As fast as I could push a button, it would react.

I could set a program to record 1 extra minute if I wanted (which is very useful)


The Nextbox:

Does not have any slow motion or frame advance.

When I finished a recording on the first night I had it, it immediately switched to the live recording of the hockey game, telling me what the score was.

The guide shows less information, and is cumbersome.

There is horrible lag.

Now I have to record 5 minutes extra or more.  Although one bright spot is I can program that for the whole series, which I couldn't before.


All-in-all I have to say I'm very dissapointed with this hardware, and it's got me thinking of going to Bell as I've heard their machine is much better, and I have not heard anything from Rogers in all the forums that I've perused indicating that they are going to fix it, perminently and in a timely manner.  I have not even seen an acknowledgement that they recognize this as a problem.  I am not interested in "Whole home PVR" as I have one TV.  Why has this product, which is inferior to the last one, been issued to Rogers customers who pay $300/month for services?  If I switch, it will be all my services.  Hopefully someone form Rogers reads this.

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Re: Nextbox problem

The problems continue. We had a family crisis this week, so I haven't gotten into a store to get my free PVR rental. I don't know if it will fix it, but I'm hoping at least to have a watchable TV. 


I reboot 5 to 10 times per day to clear the issues. It only works in the short term. 


I dislike many things about the new box (but I do like some things) -- I just wish it worked consistently. 

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Re: Nextbox problem

You cannot record anything at 2 a.m., because the updates can take up to 15-20 minutes to complete.

No one should be encouraged to get the new system/box.




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Re: Nextbox problem

The new box is garbage!! Model 8642HD


on December 6th 2012 I had three system reboots.


every day of the week there is at least 3 reboots, one at  7:00 AM  11:30 AM and 10:00 PM


today (March 17 2013) I am at 2 reboots as of 4:00 pm::  8:00 AM  2:10 PM   EST



And trying to record shows for next week, I have to check every day because the future shows always get dropped.  Thank goodness alot of shows are coming to season end.  Then in September when new season starts I will probably have the same issues.


We have had Rogers support here two/three times and nothing is solved. Calling Rogers solves nothing!!!


We have considered switchimh to Bell.