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Nextbox problem

I Plan to Stick Around

Just bought a 8642 nextbox pvr on the weekend at bestbuy. I'm about to return it as it keeps turning off and on and then I get a spinning snake thing on the box non stop. I then have to unplug and plug in until it boots sometimes its ok sometimes problem comes back sometimes the screen is double vision.


Anyone else have issues here? I couldn't find anything here but I did on various sites. I have an older 8642 pvr thats been mostly problem free for the past year.


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Re: Nextbox problem

I'm new to the whole Rogers Netbox thing so i don't know if this is normal or not.....


Every night at 2 am ish both Netboxes reboot. One is a PVR. For the most part it's not that big of a deal but my wife has health problems that cause her to have trouble sleeping. It's kind of hard for her to watch TV when the box reboots. 


Is there a way to change when this happens? 6 am would be better. 

Re: Nextbox problem

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello Puzuma.

The reboots are normal. They happen becuase Rogers updates the Guide & the box with features & new channes & also fixes on other thingsThis happens at 2am because of the  system maintenance. This can NOT be changed at all. This is something we all have to face. The box only reboots once a day which is at night. It takes a few minutes & then goes back to normal. Sometimes it may take 10 minutes depending on what is being added / installed. This is something Rogers will never change or take down.

Here are other threads about it.

There is more threads / posts about this but if you want,  you can use the search feature on the top right hand side & find them as well.

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Re: Nextbox problem

I Plan to Stick Around

Its 1 step forward and 2 steps back with this piece of junk.  They FINALLY fixed the ridiculous slowdown problem a couple of weeks back and now it is back, not as slow as it was at its worst but still pathetically slow.  It takes seconds to change channels or to cycle from one line to the next.  If you're taping two shows at once and want to watch a recorded show the thing becomes dumber than Sarah Palin and doesn't know what to do.  The old hardware handled this perfectly by tuning in to a non-channel when viewing recorded shows.  This new one can't figure out what to do and you end up either spoiling a show you are taping or having to stop recording a show in order to make it stop asking you about the conflict.  The Netbox has now for some reason started operating WHEN THE POWER IS TURNED OFF.  I will try to change a channel or press a button on the remote and have nothing happen, only to realize that the power is off but there is a program on the screen.  WTF?  This past week has also seen shows that are scheduled to record for an hour but hours later showing as still recording.  As a result the show itself is not viewable and at the same time has caused conflicts because it is still recording (even though its not actually recording) resulting in other shows not being recorded.


For the regular Rogers apologists please don't reply with the regular excuses, we have heard them all before over and over and they don't help.  How is this hardware/software getting WORSE?  Unbelievable.

Re: Nextbox problem

Joey, its been explained to you before... we do NOT have any stakes in rogers.  We actualy have our own gripes, and bring them up on here as well!

The difference is, we try to HELP people.


We do not disuade a person from moving to a competitor, that is their choice 100% in the end.  All we do is try to bring up any of the same issues they may get on the other end.  People tend to think switching compaines will be the magic fix, etc, and that is not always the case.

Again, as i stated in your other post.  In the end, that is not the purpose of this forum.  In the end, the user can complain on here about rogers problems, that is 100% fine.  Another user can counter it, if its still on topic of that problem, if they feel its not a problem.  But this forum is to talk, help, discusss, tech support, etc for rogers products.  Its not a place to discuss the compititon. If you wish to do so, please do it on a 3rd party forum.

Re: Nextbox problem



In the end.. i dont think we are trying to make.. excuses for it... just trying to explain WHY sometimes things happen, etc. 

Does the nextbox has problems? Yes.  Do you hear us agreeing that it does usualy? Yes.  

You wont hear an argument from us on it.. we know there are things that need to be fixed.


In the end, there is no magical fix for it.  Its not a snap of the fingers, it will get better.  All we can do is bring up the problems, so rogers is aware of it, and can fix them.  It was primarily by promting on this board, that got the lag issues a few weeks back fixed.  But some things, will take time to re program, etc to make those changes.. they may not be instantanious.


its the difference of "lets work together to compile a list of the problems/things we would like to see changed"  "ITS BROKEN! FIX IT! *rage*"