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Nextbox Explorer 8642HD PVR user manual

I Plan to Stick Around

Is there any link where I can find the  Nextbox Explorer 8642HD PVR user manual?

I need some information for the different  functions for the remote control?




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Re: Nextbox Explorer 8642HD PVR user manual

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Resident Expert



Perhaps the following links will help:


How To Links from Rogers' Website:



Rogers Link for some other new How To:



How To (on the previous version of Navigatr)  Much of this still applies, some does not:



 Since the firmware that operates these boxes is constantly changing, there is no "user manual" per se, rather there are instructions on how to use the box(es).  For example, there is a link in post 14 of this thread to a user manual, however, the Rogers firmware is dramatically different and it's the firmware that makes the box operate.


Re: Nextbox Explorer 8642HD PVR user manual

Hello @Filmnvid,

In addition to the post by @57, you can download a manual (PDF document) from this LINK.


This is not a Rogers-specific manual, but should give what you need.

Re: Nextbox Explorer 8642HD PVR user manual

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I needed to find some 8642 info today (Aug 2018) and the links are either old, broken or do not go to the right place.

This is what I found on for the User Manual for the HD 86xx series.

I hope it works for awhile.