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Nextbox 8600 HD

I've Been Around

Just had unit installed today but does not seem to be working. Box is cycling through a booting sequence that does not seem to end. Display shows the letter ‘h’ and cycles through numbers up to ~800(?). Any ideas?


Re: Nextbox 8600 HD

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@DRL3   Most boot issues are related to a poor signal in your home or neighbourhood.  Call Rogers and have them check the signal in your home/neighbourhood. See the following post on the topic of poor signal:


The 8600 is a hobbled 8642, so it doesn't record, and these are quite old. It's possible that the box is bad, but it's more likely related to signal.  Do you have other boxes in the home that are working? If you do, try connecting one of them to the location of the 8600 to see if it boots and try the 8600 at the other location?


When you say you had it installed, do you mean the technician installed it and you let him leave before checking to see if it works?