Nextbox 4642HD issue

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Nextbox 4642HD issue

Just got the 4642HD today.


Plugged everything in, let the box go through it's set up.  As soon as I got the red "loading" bar at the bottom, I noticed an issue.  Hard to explain, but basically it's as if the picture is turning off and on very quickly.


Figured maybe it was just part of the set up.  So let it go.  Once it was done, and I was able to turn the cable box and check out some channels, it hasn't cleared up.


I can't watch TV now yay.  It is 100% the box that is the issue, not my TV.  Had the power to the TV turned off during set up and it still the loading screen was turning off and on.


The cable box itself doesn't turn on and off.  The picture just flickers on and off.  Every channel.  Already done a reboot, same issue...



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Re: Nextbox 4642HD issue

Just to eliminate all variables,  did you check that your HDMI cable (im assuming that's what you're using) is properly seated?  Did you try using another Hdmi cable, or another type of cable?

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Re: Nextbox 4642HD issue

Another one of the many problems the 8642 hd pvr is having with Rogers software. 


You will likely have to swap the box.